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Typography Sites

Information on Central European typography includes foundry listing, software, books ...

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Medieval Unicode Font Initiative

Non-profit group of scholars working toward a solution to the ...

DigitalThread: TypeHaus

Contains featured foundries, honorable foundries, type resources, and typography links.

Font Lover

Font news from around the globe and A+ font links.

Alphabet and Letter

Information on alphabets from around the world, with chapters from ...

BBC News: Helvetica at 50

The Helvetica font is celebrating its 50th birthday. You've probably ...

Microsoft Typography

Typography news headlines, 'link of the day','book recommendations' and a ...

Typofile Magazine

Daniel Will-Harris offers essays and information about typography, with an ...

The Terminal

Online magazine of the P22 type foundry, featuring interviews, essays ...

The FontSite

Monthly web magazine devoted to digital typography and graphic design, ...


An international typographic magazine includes articles, links, events, forums and ...


Opinion, news, and reviews available with subscription. FontSpider locates articles ...

Serif: The Magazine of Type & Typography

Table of contents listings for past issues. Now out of ...

Digest of typography news and commentary from David John Earls ...

Letter Arts Review

International magazine for calligraphers and lettering artists. Articles available with ...

Type for you

A weblog on typography. Provides interviews, articles, font reviews, book ...

Paul Baker Typography

Information on typography in general as well as gallery of ...

Typophage on the web

Personal site dedicated to typo and graphic works of Christophe ...

Everson Typography

Samples of CeltScript, Everson Mono, Ogham and Inukitut.

Joe Finocchiaro Design

Specializing in typeface design, symbol and logo design and graphic ...

Archetype font creation and modification

Archetype creates and modifies fonts, converts from Mac to PC ...

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Keith Tam: typography + beyond

An online type and typography resource including a typography web ...

Richard Hunt, Typographer

Biography and resume of Richard Hunt, Canadian typographer, consultant and ...

Linotype - Font Designer Gallery

Links to pages of type designers.

Recife, Eduardo - Misprinted Type

Portfolio of drawings and fonts, and information on current projects.

Cotton, Dan

Specializing in hand lettering, calligraphy, and pen and ink stylized ...


Collaboratorium for turbulent typeface design and challenging letterbased performances.

Barry Deck

Personal site of typographer Barry Deck, major typographic influence of ...

Linotype: Adrian Frutiger

A look at the life and work of this famous ...

John Baskerville

Reproduction of black-and-white sketch of the artist.

Industry and Genius: Monument to John Baskerville

Monument in Centenary Square, Birmingham, UK.

Baskerville House

Contemporary color photograph of building in Centenary Square, Birmingham, UK.

John Baskerville Type Design

Profiles and biographies of John Baskerville from

John Baskerville

Biographical sketch from Fact Monster.

John Baskerville

Biographical information from

MyFonts - John Baskerville

Information about the printer, type designer, typographer, calligrapher, stone carver ...

Linotype: John Baskerville

Information about this famous font designer. Take a look at ...


Example of the typeface created by John Baskerville.

Claude Garamond

Biographical sketch from

Claude Garamond

Links to profiles and biographies, from