Monday, 25 June, 2018

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Fashion Sites


The Bag Lady

Pictures and reviews of handbags and other accessories.

Brown 712

Discussing the art of accessories.

Fashion Addict Diary

Sharing news and photographs of fashion finds.

I am Fashion

Fashion finds and reviews.

In My Bag

An obsession for accessories.

La Femme

Diary of a style addict.

I Want - I Got

Reviewing clothes and products.

Kiss Me, Stace

Fashion and shoe weblog obsessing over fabulous shoes, giving recommendations, ...

Diane, a Shaded View on Fashion

Reviews and fashion news.

No Good for Me

Fashion as guilty pleasure, pop cultural criticism, schmatte obsession, beauty ...

Shoe Lover

News and views on all things shoe.

EB Rue

Sharing fashion and makeup finds.


Obsessively covering purses, bags, totes, clutches, and just about anything ...


Musings about clothes and accessories.


News on sneakers, fashion, and trends.

Style Bubble

Musings, thoughts, takes, observations on the joys and trials and ...

A Wee Bit Skint

Consumerism to make Mother Russia proud.

Shop Chicks

Writing about fashion, style and shopping.


Sharing fashion news.

My Fashion Life

News and commentary about the fashion world.

Red Saffron

Digesting recent trends and infusing style into daily life.


Highlighting contemporary, emerging, and independent designers of clothing and accessories.

Cult of Couture

Fashion news, photographs and articles.

Shoe IQ

Information, articles, and posts about shoes and the people who ...


Gives fashion lovers news and commentary in one location.


Giving readers a peek at his very favorite t-shirts and ...

Writing about all things related to shoes.

Off the Cuff

Musings on male fashion including an icon of the week.


Digest of fashion trends, modern style, and cult couture. Sponsored ...

Eclectic set of fashion-related articles.


Writing about fashion, online shopping, the latest sales and designers, ...

Downtown Darling

Compulsory reading for all things fashion and shopping in New ...

Closet Therapy

Place to rant and rave about new fashion trends that ...

Almost Girl

Where Plato and Prada meet.


Petite shopping reference.


Providing fashion news from around the globe.

A Material World

Fashion industry insider writes about the fashion life in Los ...

Fashion Week News

News and information regarding various fashion weeks around the world.


Top handbags and the celebrities that wear them.

Cool T-Shirt Designs

Reviews artistic t-shirts.