Thursday, 27 October, 2016

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Knitting Sites


Freaky Knitters Unite

Post-Punk living in a small town. Knitting to keep sane ...


Features a knitted garments gallery, free patterns, links, resources, on-line ...


Resource for inspiration, patterns, tips and tricks.

Jess Hutch Arts and Crafts

Gallery of her whimsical knitted creatures and robots, weblog, and ...


Pictures and information concerning knitting and crocheting. Pictures of knitting ...

Sani Knitwear Collection

A gallery of knitwear from a Melbourne architecture graduate. Includes ...

Action Hero:Knitting Weblog

Knitting blog written by an experience female knitter in Portland, ...

And She Knits Too

Commenting on her projects and news.

Autumn Sweater

Random thoughts about yarn, knitting, and other things that occupy ...

The Big Lug's Knitting Blog

Jersey girl's weblog discussing knitting and popular culture.

Bloomin' Knitiot

Includes patterns and photographs.

The Blue Blog

All about knitting.


Discusses shopping for knitting supplies and own knitting projects. Includes ...

Carrieoke's Knitting Blog

Sharing pictures and stories of her projects.

Claudia's Blog

Includes project notes and photographs.

Cosmicpluto Knits!

Blog of a Canadian knitter.


Includes pictures, patterns, techniques, and knit-a-longs.

A Good Yarn

Writing about knitting and other life activities.

Got Ewe in Stitches

Life of a busy knitter.

Half Baked

Miscellaneous musings about life and knitting.

Handknit Holidays

Hand knitting along for the holidays or any seasonal project.

I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can

Sharing pictures and patterns.

Knit Picker

For the good, the bad and the very, very picky ...

Knit Powers to Peace

Sharing knitting and other crafty projects.

Knit, Stitch, Click

Bog about knitting with occasional detours into sewing and photography.

Knit to Know

A weblog of knitting projects and related topics.


Sharon's weblog about knitting and life.

The Knitrider

A knitting weblog based in Chicago, Illinois.


Knitting entries from a graphic artist and quilter.

Knitting a Rat's Nest

Blogging knitting, crochet, needle felting, regular felting, spinning, and learning ...

Knitting and Other Distractions

Canadian knitter's weblog.

Knitting Circle

A journal of knitting projects and progress.

Knitting With Jazzyfaz

Include project discussion and links.


Pictures of updates on her knitting projects.


She knits and blogs.

Moth Heaven

Personal life and knitting projects in a weblog.

Rainy Day

A weblog about knitting, art, design, and life in Los ...

Sassy Gina-D

Midwesterner placed in Hoboken, NJ and her (mis)adventures in knitting, ...

The Scottish Lamb

Posts about life and knitting projects.

Small Hands

Sharing her knitting projects.