Saturday, 23 June, 2018

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Knitting Sites


Knit Picker

For the good, the bad and the very, very picky ...

Knit Powers to Peace

Sharing knitting and other crafty projects.

Knit to Know

A weblog of knitting projects and related topics.

The Knitrider

A knitting weblog based in Chicago, Illinois.


Knitting entries from a graphic artist and quilter.

Knitting and Other Distractions

Canadian knitter's weblog.

Knitting Circle

A journal of knitting projects and progress.

Knitting With Jazzyfaz

Include project discussion and links.


Pictures of updates on her knitting projects.


She knits and blogs.

Rainy Day

A weblog about knitting, art, design, and life in Los ...

Sassy Gina-D

Midwesterner placed in Hoboken, NJ and her (mis)adventures in knitting, ...

The Scottish Lamb

Posts about life and knitting projects.

Small Hands

Sharing her knitting projects.

Split Yarn

Knitting up a storm.


Obsessive cyber knitting.

Tell Me a Yarn

Includes knitting and crochet projects and photographs.

Through the Back Loop

Adventures in knitting, fiber arts, and family.

Vintagefusion Knits n Crochets

Singapore knitter and crocheter.


Needle art as life.


A weblog featuring pictures of in-progress and finished knitted objects, ...

Making Things

About an ex-fashion designer turned cool crafty knitter starting a ...


Random thoughts about knitting, her dog Casey, and other interesting ...

Knitting Neels

A craft hobbies journal: knitting, crochet, black and white photography ...

Knitting Without Needles

Discover loom knitting. Author ,Denise Layman, as she balances knitting, ...


A Cognitive Psychologist muses about knitting.

The Knitting Revolutionary

Discussing knitting and life.

Yarn Stash

Keeping track of her ever growing yarn stash.

The Open Stitch

Weblog of an obsessed knitter.

Crafty Chick Knits

Weblog including knitting adventures and misadventures.

Confessions of a Professional Yarn Fondler

The frequent ramblings of a forty-something fiberartist who just happens ...

Freaky Knitters Unite

The day in the life of an divorced post-punk rocker ...

21st Century Girl

A knitting, vegetarian, web professional, cat owner. Blogs about knitting, ...


An exploration of the art and craft of arts and ...

Another Knitting Blog

Research scientist, recovering pessimist and online knitting bozo.

QueerJoe's Knitting Blog

A listing of adventures and misadventures in this passion for ...

Wendy Knits!

Knitting and spinning.

Pulsh. Push. Pull. Knit

Knitting weblog with patterns and knitting discussion.

Lynn One, Purl Two

Lynn shows-and-tells about her many knitting projects.

Little Grey Speck

Tales of a moody knitter.