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Academy of American Poets: Stevens Exhibit

Online poems, brief biography, bibliography, and a few related links.

"Harmonium" and the Visual Arts

Paper on Stevens' book "Harmonium" and its inspirations from modern ...

Teaching Stevens

From Houghton Mifflin Publishers, a brief guide for how to ...

Wallace Stevens

Extensive overview from Wikipedia.

Wallace Stevens

Disorganized but interesting collection of Stevens resources including online critical ...

New York Times obituary

Published August 3, 1955

Snow Man, The

QuickTime video clip of Stevens (55 sec.) 586K Requires QuickTime ...

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

From "Harmonium" (1923)

Disillusionment of Ten O'Clock

From "Harmonium" (1923)

Anecdote of the Jar

From "Harmonium" (1923)

Idea of Order at Key West, The

From "Ideas of Order" (1936)

Snow Man, The

From "Harmonium" (1923)

Nomad Exquisite

From "Harmonium" (1923)

River of Rivers in Connecticut, The

Includes the content of the poem.

Poem Written at Morning

Provides the poem in its entirety.

Looking Across the Fields and Watching the Birds Fly

Includes the full text from this poem.

Ballade of the Pink Parasol, The

Provides the entire text of the poem.

Man With the Blue Guitar, The

Partial text only.

High-Toned Old Christian Woman, A

From "Harmonium" (1923)

Sunday Morning

From "Harmonium" (1923)

Comedian as the Letter C, The

Contains the poem in its entirety.

Peter Quince at the Clavier

Offers the full poem.

Well Dressed Man with a Beard, The

Provides the text from the poem.

Plot against the Giant, The

Full text of the poem.

Metaphors of a Magnifico

From "Harmonium" (1923).

Idea of Order at Key West, The

From "Ideas of Order" (1936)

Emperor of Ice Cream, The

From "Harmonium" (1923)

Of Mere Being

From "Late Poems" (1950-55)

Place of the Solitaires, The

From "Harmonium" (1923)

To the One of Fictive Music

From "Harmonium" (1923)

Gray Room

Includes the full text.

Of Modern Poetry

Consists of the text from the poem.

Taylor, P.J.

My Blue Muse. The San Francisco poet and writer's home ...

Theophilo, Marcia

Poetry about the Amazon forest, its people, animals, trees and ...

Urbanski, Debbie

Tumble Dry Low: poems of Debbie Urbanski's about Dawson's Creek, ...

Van Dine, Alan

Light verse excerpted from the book "If Instead of Apes" ...


Jean Valentine's official site features samples and audio clips of ...

Nikola Vaptsarov

Page with poetry of Bulgarian poet Nikola Vaptsarov

Waters, Chocolate

Performance poet. Includes sound clips.

Williams, David Brian

An African American poet in the Mississippi tradition. His books ...