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Early English Sonnets

Links to sonnets by Wyatt and Surrey and to definitions ...

Sonnet Central

"An archive of English sonnets, commentary, pictures, audio, and relevant ...

Sonnets by Spenser

A selection from various sources.

An Italian Sonnet

By James DeFord. Poetry: Sonnets

"classic collections, modern examples, definitions of the various sonnet forms, ...

The Sonnets to Orpheus

55 sonnets by Rainer Maria Rilke translated by Howard A. ...

Toru Dutt: Sonnet

Written in 1876 by an Indian woman raised in France. ...

Holy Sonnets

Nineteen sonnets on religious themes.

Poetic Forms: The Sonnet

An article by Conrad Geller with examples by Edna St. ...

Sonnets for Free

A collection by Nicholas Gordon that can be used free ...

Michael Peach’s Site for Lovers of the English Sonnet

The poet's own English sonnets and a selection from his ...

The Mediadrome - Words - Poetry: The Fixed Forms - Sonnets

Description by John Stringer of the sonnet in its various ...

Empire Arts Resource

Sonnets by Michael J. Farrand.

Brother and Sister

An eleven sonnet sequence by George Eliot.

Sonnet Writers

Past and present sonnets and commentary. New sonnets welcome.

Poetry Knowledge Zone: The Soulful Sonnet

Explanation, history, and step-by-step writing instructions by Smitha Chakravarthula. Includes ...

Shakespeare Online: The Sonnets

Notes and an annotated paraphrasing in modern English.

The Sonnet

A brief description and definition of the sonnet form(s).

"Ode to the West Wind" by P. B. Shelley.

Perhaps the most famous example of terza rima in English. ...

Terza Rima

A description by a student in Rios' course with examples, ...

Terza Rima

Description and examples from a course taught by Alberto Rios.

"Terza Rima for a Sudden Change in Seasons"

By Jacqueline Osherow.

"Woman -- A Terza Rima"

By Janan Platt.

Terza Rima

A brief description of the form from an English handbook ...

Poetic Form: Terza Rima

An explanation of the form, with references to numerous examples ...

Poetry Knowledge Zone: Terza Rima

Explanation, history, and step-by-step instructions for writing by Smitha Chakravarthula. ...

Terza Rima

A brief description of the form with an interesting review ...