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Around the Boree Log and Other Verses

Complete book available online, in plain text.

Water's Soliloquy

Review of Dart by Deryn Rees-Jones.

River Dart community poem for the Millennium

Background to the creation, progress reports and exerts from the ...

BBC Get Writing: Poetry for Beginners

Advice from the poet illustrated with quotes from her work. ...

Durham21: TS Eliot Prize Winner

Student reviews Dart and gives an opportunity to add comments.

Paterson, Banjo

Australian bush balladeer, poet and journalist and writer of "Waltzing ...

4 more oz. than 12 oz. brands

New and Improved Poetry Value from Jennifer Poteet. Poems, biography, ...

Phillips, Jennifer

Visual poetry, background information, and list of published books by ...

Dr. France Preseren

Homepage of the Slovene poet, with his works in textual ...

Casa Poema: Judith Pordon

A paradise for Poets. Hablamos Espanol. Travel to Mexico, to ...

Contemporary Writers - Ruth Padel

Biography, critical perspective by Dr Jules Smith, awards and bibliography.

Do you know who we are, by Peter McDonald

Poetry Society review of 52 Ways of Looking at a ...

Ron Padgett

Article by Michael Leddy, from World Poets, published in 2000 ...

Padgett, Ron

Some sample poems, with a biography, bibliography, reviews and critical ...

Ron Padgett: Nine poems

From Jacket Magazine 27, full text versions with brief biography ...

Ron Padgett and Yu Jian: Five poems

From Jacket Magazine 29.

Ron Padgett page links to "Ladies and Gentlemen of Outer Space" ...

Don Paterson

Biography, poetry, music, drama and prose, interview and contact details.

Contemporary Writers: Don Paterson

Biography, bibliography, awards and critical perspective.

Guardian Unlimited: Pinter's poetry? Anyone can do it

On the occasion of giving the 2004 TS Eliot lecture, ...

Writewords: Don Paterson gives Poetry Masterclass

Information on masterclass in Brighton, claimed to be ideal for ...

The Showcase: Writers' Stories

Archive of community media. Description of content and links for ...

The Poetry House

Project bringing together Don Paterson and scientist Andrew Riches. Biographies, ...

Ezra Pound

Brief essay from a Finnish calendar of authors.

On the Ezra Pound/Marshall McLuhan Correspondence

At the University of Toronto.

Ezra Pound in the University of Idaho Library

A collection located in EP's home state.

World War I According to Ezra Pound

With a quotation from "These Fought in Any Case".

Questions on Canto XLV

From an English course at Creighton University.

Ezra Pound (1885-1972)

Biography, classified bibliography, and web guide by Professor Eiichi Hishikawa, ...

Ezra Pound and Fenollosa

Manuscripts at Yale's Beinecke Library.

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

At Yale University Library. Typing "Ezra" and "Pound" in the ...

Lee Lady's Ramblings

Professor from Hawaii knew EP in the St. Elizabeth's period, ... Ezra Pound

Includes a brief biography and a selection of his most ...

Sixteen Words for Water

A play about Ezra Pound and his encounter with an ...

Brief article and listings from the Electric Library.

The Academy of American Poets: Ezra Pound

With bibliography and some texts.

Ezra Pound Center

At the University of New Orleans.

Ezra Pound and the Occult

A project at Case Western Reserve U.

What the Architecture Said

A Benjaminian Reading of Ezra Pound's "Quest for the Paradiso"

A Major Minor

(in The New Criterion) by Donald Lyons, who obviously cares ...