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Watch Movies is a movie portal to watch movies online. We ...

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Allows visitors to shoot their mouths off about their favorite ...

Outermost Movie Discussion

Discussion of everything movie related - upcoming, currently released, and ...

Free Movie Chat

Open discussion forum about the latest movies

Movie Rumors

Message board community where users can post or read rumors ...

Cinephiles Film Discussion

A series of film discussion forums where you can ask ... Boards

Features discussions about upcoming and current movies in theaters.


Community with amateur movie and DVD reviews, news, and message ...

Empire Movies: Forums

Contains forums open to discussions on topics ranging from upcoming ...

Coming Soon! Movie Forums

Discuss popular movie franchises and upcoming DVD, game, and music ...

ChasingtheFrog - Boards

A forum for discussing movies, DVD's, and books that inspired ...

The Film Hobbit Discussion Forum

Discussion forum for movie news, trivia, and the Lord of ...

Film Talk UK

Discussion group for people who are passionate about movies of ...

Box Office Report Forums

Online discussion covering box office, current and classic films, the ...

Movie Compound Discussion Forums

Discussions on latest releases, movies to rent, news, actors, DVD ...

Movies Forum

Message board with forums for movie enthusiasts and filmmakers alike. ...

JoBlo's Movie Discussion Board

Discuss upcoming films, DVDs, cult flicks, horror movies, and top ...


Forum for discussion of new releases, favorite films, as well ...

In The Machine

This message board features discussion of film, music and celebrity.

Zombie Movies

Message board dedicated to zombie movies

The Movie Fan Forum

A message board for news, reviews, pictures, and gossip. Includes ...

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Mobius' Home Video Forum

A moderated discussion forum for the discussion of cinema and ...

Movies for Guys Blog

Assorted commentary about movies for guys


Community discussion for film and dvd collectors using home theater ...

My movie blog

Open community blog for all types of movies.

Rotten Tomatoes Forum

Includes a general forum and individual forums for movies and ...


A major weblog that focuses on reviews, news and events ...

MovieWeb: Forums

Message board for thing related to movies, dvds, rumors, and ...

Zodcaps Celebrity Discussion Forum

Forums for discussing your favorite celebrities.

Forum of the Living Dead

Forum for fans of movies, especially horror related films

Julie Andrews

Forums for fans of actress Julie Andrews and her films.

Experimental Cinema

Forum about experimental cinema, animation, video-art and art cinema.

Mise-en-scene Crypt Discussion Board

A forum open to discussion of all movie genres.

Movie Loons

A movie forum for all films, from new to old, ...

Movie Blog

Movie blog featuring reviews and trailers

Kung Fu Superstars Mailing List

Discussion list about far east action movies.'s Newsletter

E-mail newsletter about movies, television shows, and videos with a ...

Provides movie news, reviews, film and DVD release dates, trailers, ...

Euro-Film Mailing List

Discussion list for European movies. Movies

Index of available movie usenet FAQs.