Saturday, 22 October, 2016

Art Directories

Anti-Music Sites


Bad Songs of the Seventies

Includes list of bad 70s songs sorted by artist, with ...

Your Favorite Band Sucks

Discussion forum, flame of the week, and webring.

The A.B.C : Anti Boy-Bands Club

Includes information on the group, how to join, guestbook, parodies ...

Atrocities of Noise

Reviews of the bands which the author sees as 'atrocious'. ...

No Support for the Internet Sarah Martin

The truth about singer Sarah Martin. Site features the real ...

The Pierre Boulez Project

Experimental artist seeking donations of Boulez recordings for "All art ...

The Least Essential Albums of the '90s

The Onion AV Club's guide to the decade's most disposable ...

Stef and Tara's Dungeon

Anti-'N Sync site with reviews, parodies, top tens and pictures.

Anti-*N Sync Humor of the New Millennium

An Anti 'N Sync web site with humorous pictures and ...

'Nsuck Central

Pictures, song parodies, games, and discussion forum.

The 'N Sync Haters Club

Rants, reasons for dislike, lyrics, and pictures.

Nsync Nsucks

Humor archive, polls, links, parodies, and pictures.

'N Sync Blows

Reasons for dislike, humor, pictures, parodies, and chat room.

Christina *GAG*uilera

Home of the Anti-Genie-Clan, with rationalizations, articles and some pictures.

Anti Christina Aguilera Links

A small collection of links to Anti-Christina webpages.

Christina Slutty Aguilera Gallery

Collection of photographs.

Genie Busters!

Anti-Aguilera rants, news, and links.

Britney Rocks!!! Christina Sucks!!!

An anti-Christina, pro-Britney site containing pictures, links, and rants.

Copy Cat

Anti-Christina site featuring pictures of her side by side with ...

Aguilera Black Hole

Contains unflattering pictures and other celebrities' opinions of Aguilera.

Slaguilera is Shite

Contains pictures, album reviews, hate mail, poll, quotes, and message ...

The Only Good B*witched is a Dead One

A page with a message board, pictures, mock profiles and ...

Anti Backstreet Boys

Includes altered lyrics and pictures, biographies, top-ten lists, jokes, rumors, ...

Destroy BSB

Includes humor, message board, and pictures.

Anti Kristin Willits

Includes pictures and reasons not to like her.

Beatlehater's Home Page

Reasons for dislike and guestbook.

Help! The Beatles Suck

Includes hate mail, FAQs, and rants.

The Beatles Poured Evil Into The Earth

Mock religious tract that claims the Beatles "polluted the Earth" ...

Free Speech Books: Living Life Without Loving the Beatles

A self-help guide with common sense, humour, and philosophy.

Yee Haw

Rant about country music and its fans. Includes survey and ...

Why I Hate Country

A list of song titles that should never have been ...

Creed Sucks

Anti-Creed photographss, links, articles, audio/video, and '12 steps to a ...

Die Creed Die

Rants, anti-Creed quotes, and articles.

Feed Celine

Dedicated to feeding French-Canadian singing sensation Celine Dion. Includes fan ...

Celebrity Effects: Anti Eminem

Reasons for dislike, open letter to Eminem, response to fans, ...

Anti 5ive

Make 5ive suffer, and finduses for your 5ive CDs.

Willa Da Witch

Stop Willa from ever getting to cast her spell.

Say No To Willa Ford

The site that bashes Willa like she bashes Nick. Contains ...

Markus' Greenday Sucks Page

Why Green Day isn't punk.

Green Day Sucks!

Anti-Green Day site with a list of reasons to hate ...