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Home Video Sites


Region 2 DVD Database Project

Region 2 DVD news, rumours, discussion and resources.

DVD Bits

News, reviews, articles, competitions, hardware guide, and release schedule.

News, reviews, cover scans, and release schedule,

DVDown Under

News, reviews, and slick and menu images.

Michael D's Region 4 DVD Info Page

News, reviews, mailing list, region 1 and 4 comparisons, and ...

Jeff K's Australian DVD Site

News and reviews.

Deranged Video Dude

DVD reviews, and commentary.

DVD Online

Reviews, new releases, release calendar, trivia, forums and polls.


DVD reviews, Audio/Video Glossary, and recommended websites.


In-depth reviews of new releases as well as older films ...

A DVD review site that looks at the entire package ...

DVD Review

Alphabetical list of reviews. Reviews include synopses and pictures.

Reviews of recent mainstream and independent releases by several contributors.

Cinema Lowdown

Reviews of old and new DVDs, entertainment weblog, DVD recommendations, ...

Anchor Bay Entertainment

Classic and critically acclaimed films. Library details, future releases, and ...

Barrel Entertainment

Focused on horror films. News and release information.

Blue Underground

Dedicated to guilty pleasures. Future releases, trailers, news, and company ...

Elite Entertainment

Horror, science fiction, and cult films. Current and future release ...


Focused on lesser-known independent and foreign films. Release information, production ...

Home Vision Entertainment

Producer and distributor of independent and world films. News, upcoming ...

Image Entertainment, Inc.

Distributes video programming on laserdisc and on digital video disc. ...

Laserdisc Database

Comprehensive database of titles and players.

Laserdisc Information

FAQ, reviews, forum, and links.

Information about recent video releases and a list of movie ...


Includes reviews, release schedules, rentability index, children's videos, news, sell-through ...

Chip Taylor Communications

DVDs, videos and digital streaming files for all ages. How-to, ...


Release schedules for upcoming video and DVD releases; includes related ...

Not Coming to a Theater Near You

Full and capsule reviews of little-known home video releases.

Walt Disney Videos

Current and upcoming home video releases. Information on Disney DVD ...

DVD Demystified

Home of the DVD FAQ, information about DVD, and the ...


Details a Finnish man's construction of a home theatre and ...

PC-DVD software reviews, technical information, tweaking utilities, news, and a ...

Region Free DVD

List of region 0 releases and information on converting players to ...

DVD Exclusive

Industry news, profiles of directors, producers, and distributors, reviews, release ...

DVD Forum

Ad-hoc association created for the purpose of exchanging and disseminating ...

Dr. Zaus' Replacement DVD Cover Art

Alternative DVD cover designs available for download.

Internet Subtitles Database

Registered members may download and swap DVD subtitles.

HD-DVD: One Format Only Campaign

Advocating a single, uniform high-definition format. Includes list of supporters, ...

Message board for discussing and rating films on disc.

Worldwide DVD Forums

Discussion on DVDs, DVD censorship, and film.