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Region 2 DVD Database Project

Region 2 DVD news, rumours, discussion and resources.

Mark's Region 2 DVD Easter Eggs

Examines Region 2 DVD easter eggs.

DVD Bits

News, reviews, articles, competitions, hardware guide, and release schedule.

News, reviews, cover scans, and release schedule,

DVDown Under

News, reviews, and slick and menu images.

Michael D's Region 4 DVD Info Page

News, reviews, mailing list, region 1 and 4 comparisons, and ...

Jeff K's Australian DVD Site

News and reviews.

Guide to upcoming Disney DVD releases, including disc details.

Lee's Movie Info

Upcoming and past DVD releases.

Complete listing for weekly and monthly DVD release dates alphabetically, ...

OnVideo Guide to Home Video Releases: DVDs

Release schedule with weekly and monthly listings.

DVD Clinic

Upcoming DVD release dates schedule and cover art.

Moviefone - New DVD Releases

Browse our collections of DVD releases by genre, what's hot, ...

The Digital Bits

Searchable database of over 900 DVD titles.

The BIG Picture DVD

Searchable database of over 1,000 DVD titles. Also listed by ...

Blake's DVD Reviews

Searchable database of current and past DVD titles. Also listed ...

The Cinema Laser

DVD reviews of featured titles with a vast archive of ...

The Digital Cinema

Archived reviews by known writer and DVD project consultant/restorer.

Deranged Video Dude

DVD reviews, and commentary.'s DVD Reviews

Reviews of the latest DVDs

DVD Online

Reviews, new releases, release calendar, trivia, forums and polls.


DVD reviews, Audio/Video Glossary, and recommended websites.


Alphabetical index of DVD reviews.

DVD Town

Searchable list of over 1000 DVD reviews.

Moda Magazine: DVD

DVD reviews by Kage Alan, listed alphabetically by title.


In-depth reviews of new releases as well as older films ...

A DVD review site that looks at the entire package ...

Rob and Berlinda's DVD Ratings

Organized by genre, DVDs are rated and reviewed by both ...

Films on DVD [alm005]

Personal reviews of films available on Region 1 and Region ...


Contains links to over 60,000 DVD reviews from various sources. ...

Zeta Minor DVD Reviews

Includes discs from multiple regions and comparisons of different releases ...

DVD Review

Alphabetical list of reviews. Reviews include synopses and pictures.

Reviews of recent mainstream and independent releases by several contributors.

Cinema Lowdown

Reviews of old and new DVDs, entertainment weblog, DVD recommendations, ...

Underground Online DVD Channel

Reviews of titles from several regions.

Anchor Bay Entertainment

Classic and critically acclaimed films. Library details, future releases, and ...

Barrel Entertainment

Focused on horror films. News and release information.

Blue Underground

Dedicated to guilty pleasures. Future releases, trailers, news, and company ...

The Criterion Collection

Important classic and contemporary films. Release information, essays, review links, ...


Fan site with catalog, rumors, bootleg information, and forum.