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Mythography / the Greek Poet Sappho

learn about the Greek poet Sappho and how her poems ...

The Love Songs of Sappho

Translated with An Essay by Paul Roche. Introduction by Page ...

Sappho Page

This page is devoted to understanding the poetry of Sappho, ...

A Yokepair of Opposites

Comparison of the two contemporary writers, Sappho and Alcaeus of ...

Poetry of Sappho

This page includes a brief biography, a selection of texts ...

Sappho-Ode to Aphrodite

A reconstruction of the music of Sappho's "Ode to Aphrodite," ...

Sappho's Hymn to Aphrodite

Translation, notes, and metrical explanation on fr.1LP by Elizabeth Vandiver.

Women's Voices - Sappho, Selected Fragments

6 major fragments presented at Women's Life in Greece and ...

Sappho []

Books about the poet Sappho, her poetry, life, lesbianism, analyses ...

The Poetry Archives - Sappho

A resource of translations mostly by Mary Bernard.

Thucydides as Science

Essay by Russell McNeil concerning Thucydides' contribution to social science.

Monadnock Review: Fragments of Sappho

The major fragments translated by Peter Saint-André.

Poetry Archive: Poems by Sappho

Six poems from various late 19th century translations.

Sappho: Poem I

Translation and transliteration of Sappho's only surviving complete poem.

Peloponnesian War

English translation of Thucydides' ancient account

Ancient Greece: The Pelopponesian War

Richard Hooker's module on the history of the sequence of ...

The Peloponnesian War

Short essays about the war from history of Western civilization ...

Peloponnesian War Timeline []

Timeline of the treaties and fighting among the Greek city-states ...

After the Peloponnesian War - Thirty Tyrants Replaced Democracy with Oligarchic Rule in Athens

The treaty between Athens and Sparta at the end of ...


English translation of Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War [Perseus]. ...

Xenophon - Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Short biography and profile of his literary and historical contributions.

Anabasis, or March Up Country

Ancient History Sourcebook transcription from typed from Dakyns' series.

The Xenophon Page

Centralized access to Internet Classics Archive and Perseus Project texts, ...

The Polity of the Spartans

Ancient History Sourcebook version of Xenophon's c. 375 BC text, ...


Etext at Project Gutenberg from the H.G. Dakyns translation.


Etext at Project Gutenberg from the H.G. Dakyns translation.


H.G. Dakyns translation at Project Gutenberg.


Translation by H.G. Dakyns. Plain text file at Project Gutenberg.

The Apology

Etext at Project Gutenberg from the H.G. Dakyns translation.

The Economist

Etext at Project Gutenberg, translated by H.G. Dakyns.

The Memorabilia

Plain text file of the H.G. Dakyns translation at Project ...

The Cavalry General

Plain text file at Project Gutenberg. Translated by H.G. Dakyns.

Cyropaedia: The Education of Cyrus

Plain text file at Project Gutenberg.