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The Encyclopedia of Self-Knowledge: Homer and Hesiod

Collection of Hesiod, Homer and Homerica, including a translation of ...

Free Online Library: Hesiod, Homer and Homerica

Unattributed hypertext of narrative translations of the Iliad and Odyssey, ...


Text of two 19th-century translations of the Iliad and the ...

Read Print: Homer

Biography and searchable Iliad and Odyssey; translation not specified.

Iliad - Greek Terminology and Glossary:

"The Language of the Iliad and Homeric times."

The Iliad of Homer

Complete chapter indexed hypertext of Butler's translation, rendered into English ...

The Iliad by Homer

Searchable HTML version indexed by book, without attribution.

Welcome to the Iliad!

The Iliad of Homer - an interactive online version

The Iliad

Text-only version of Samuel Butler's translation.

Homer's Iliad

Translated by Samuel Butler

The Iliad (a map)

Image of the geography of "The Iliad."

A Collection of Similes from the Iliad of Homer

A searchable compilation of Homeric similes, including bibliography and links ... The Iliad

Single page of the complete etext of Samuel Butler's prose ...

Project Gutenberg: The Iliad

Samuel Butler's translation.

Project Gutenberg: The Iliad of Homer

Andrew Lang's translation.

The Odyssey

"The Odyssey. The illustrated wanderings of the hero Odysseus after ...

Study Guide for Homer's Odyssey

By Robin Mitchell-Boyask, Temple University. Book-by-book review of characters and ...

Homer Odyssey 1.1

Loeb's English translation

Odyssey Game - Choose your character

"In this web game you can choose to be either ...

Odysseus and the Historians

By, John Marincola (Union College, Schenectady)

Reviews of Recent Books on "The Odyssey"

"The Following links will take you to substantive reviews of ... The Odyssey

Prose translation by folklorist Andrew Lang, with S. H. Butcher, ...

The Odyssey

Text-only version of Samuel Butler's translation, provided by the Internet ...

The Odysseys of Homer, vol. 1

Online edition of George Chapman's classic translation of Homer's epic ...

Odyssey, The

Free HTML e-text of Butler's translation of The Odyssey, available ...

The Odyssey by Homer

A searchable online version, with book summaries, biographical information on ...

The Odyssey

The Greek Epic Poem translated by Samuel Butler.

The Odyssey

Site originally created as a 9th grade English project, offering ...

Homer's Odyssey portal

Carefully sorted links to Odyssey resources, with special emphasis on ...

Odyssey Book XI: Nekuia

Odysseus' information gathering trip to the Underworld.

Map of the Underworld

Map showing the descents to the Underworld made by Odysseus ...

Odyssey II - Wily Penelope

The second book of the Odyssey shows how Penelope is ...

Homer Odyssey - Calypso and Ulysses

A reconstruction of the music of parts of Homer's Odyssey, ...

Project Gutenberg: The Odyssey

Translated by S.H. Butcher and Andrew Lang.

Project Gutenberg: The Odyssey

Alexander Pope's translation.

Project Gutenberg: The Odyssey

Samuel Butler's translation.

The Odyssey

Downloadable E-book (PDF format) of translation and commentary by Ian ...

The Fall of Troy

HTML e-text of the translation by A.S. Way, 1913 [DL ...

The Fall of Troy

Plain text file at Project Gutenberg.

Sappho and the world of Lesbian poetry

A short study of several poems, with text in translation, ...