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Writings of Flavius Josephus

English translations at

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Flavius Josephus

A site dedicated to the scholarly study of Flavius Josephus.

The Testimonium Flavianum

Examines the arguments for and against the authenticity of the ...

The Life of Flavius Josephus

Etext at Project Gutenberg.

Antiquities of the Jews

Etext at Project Gutenberg.

Against Apion

Etext at Project Gutenberg.

Josephus' Discourse to the Greeks Concerning Hades

Etext at Project Gutenberg.

The Wars of the Jews

Etext at Project Gutenberg.

Juvenal - Satires [Ancient History Sourcebook]

English 1918 translation for the Loeb Classical Library by G. ...

Satire VI, The Ways of Women

Edited text of the Loeb English translation by G.G. Ramsay, ...

The Odyssey

English translation of the Odissia (in turn a Latin version ...

The History of Rome, Ab Urbe Condita

Translated text from the Electronic Text Center at the University ...

Livy - The History of Rome

Text of the Roberts English language translation of Livy's History ...

Lucan - Pharsalia (or Civil War) [Berkeley OMACL]

English translation by Sir Edward Ridley, 1896.

Ovid Project: Metamorphosing the Metamorphoses

Annotated online reproductions of illustrated works of Ovid as published ...

Ovid's Metamorphoses

Introduction, commentary, and discussion of myths, background information, and influence ...

Ovid's Daphne

Includes links to various complete online texts, images, as well ...

An Analytical Onomasticon to the Metamorphoses of Ovid

Database search for references to characters in the Metamorphoses and ...

Metamorhoses by Ovid

Unannotated English translation of the entire work in one indexed ...

The Natural History

Complete Latin text, occasionally commented; linked when possible to translations. Pliny the Younger

Short biography of the orator and statesman, as well as ...

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Plutarch's Lives

The complete online HTML text of A. H. Clough's English-language ...

Plutarch's Lives with annotations to the Encyclopedia of the Self

The Dryden edition, as revised by A.H. Clough, extensively annotated, ...

Shakespeare's Sources in Plutarch's Parallel Lives

A few biographies of ancient Roman and Greek heroes from ...

International Plutarch Society

Fans of Plutarch rally here.

Plutarch - His Life and Legacy

Who he was, what he wrote, and how he influenced ...

Chaironeia: Plutarch's Home on the Web

Kenneth Mayer's collection of links and Plutarchian lore.

Plutarch's Lives

All of the classic biographies of heroes and villains from ...

Plutarch's Alexander

Translated by John Dryden. Plutarch

Unnannotated e-texts of John Dryden's translation of the Lives.

Polybius - Rome at the End of the Punic Wars [Ancient History Sourcebook]

English translation of Book 6 of Polybius' History

Polybius - The Character of Hannibal [Ancient History Sourcebook]

From the 1889 translation of Polybius' work by Evelyn S. ...

The Quintilian Page

Interesting essays on Quintilian and the beginnings of a hypertext ...

Sallust's Republic

A paper highlighting insights into Roman society through Sallust's account ...

Suetonius - The Deified Julius, The Lives of the Caesars [Ancient History Sourcebook]

English translation by Rolfe of Divus Iulius, part of De ...

Suetonius - The Divine Augustus [Ancient History Sourcebook]

English translation by Worthington of Divus Augustus, part of De ...

Robert Graves and the Twelve Caesars

Gore Vidal's famous essay on Robert Grave's version of Suetonius' ...

The Tacitus Home Page

A vita, summary of works, and basic bibliography of Cornelius ...


Encyclopedia-style article on the historian, with hyperlinks to related topics, ...

Tacitus, Cornelius

Biographical article in the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica. Some scanner errors.