Monday, 24 October, 2016

Art Directories

Net Art Sites



Explore six membrane-spanning alpha-helical domains.

200ok & Linktanks

Complex Shockwave art projects.


The homepage of Golan Levin. Experimental java applets and other ...

A variety of interactive studies and works created by Yugo ...

Open source experimental texture generation created with java.


Ethereal interactive works created by Zevan Rosser.

Hunziker, Esther: Unfocus

Quicktime and shockwave required for this X-Cult hosted project.


Artist Glen Murphy documents his explorations in visual computation.


Robert Hodgin's narrative and visual experiments in flash and proce55ing.

Theodorou, Lina

Selection of internet art work by contemporary artist Lina Theodorou.

Spoken word and video/flash poetry with an unusual edge.


Fun and addictive flash artwork by artist Patrick Smith.


A large body of work, ranging from flash experimentation to ...

At Any Time

An interesting net experience that will take you roughly 2 ...

Buckhouse, James

Web site of artist James Buckhouse.

Lialina, Olia: My Boyfriend Came Back From The War

By Russian net artist, critic and curator Olia Lialina.


A growing collection of software experiments exploring the relation between ...

Benjah 01xy

A collection of experiments and broken looking spasmodic animations.

The Central City

Interactive labyrinth based on the organic and emergent patterns of ...


Animated pseudo-code, video and poetry in a self described metaphysical ...

The Cities of Anacropolis

Based on a concept of urban development and the principle ...


A series of linked animations and interactive experiences.

Crowds and Power

Crowds and Power uses mediated images to explore the relationship ...

The Body Internet

Interdisciplinary artist, Kenneth Hemmerick, offers a gallery dealing with information ...

Princess Series

A flash animated series telling the tale of a princess ...

Dia Artists' Web Projects

An introduction to Dia's completed web projects.

Loseby, Jessica : Sketchbook

Collected works of UK artist whose work centres around the ...

The Plaintext Players

An online performance group using text-based virtual worlds to pioneer ...


Experimental digital literature/art/design, including visual poetry, interactive video and non-linear ...


Joshua Davis explores relations in Flash programming, featuring advanced tutorials ...

The HypArt Project

A single picture is created by several people. The image ...

Stromajer, Igor: Sprinkling Menstrual Navigator

Navigational movie from the creator of the Intima Virtual Base.

Suematso, Dyske: Netabstraction

Feed an URL to this Shockwave movie, and it crawls ...

Allan, James

Net art and performance residue.

Archiving Imagination

A collaborative project of text and images.

We Are Unreasonable People

A group from Porto. Site features many different exhibitions: photography, ...


Interactive site enabling users to undermine the notion of authorship.

SITO Synergy - Collaborative Online Art

Collaborative online playspace.

%20 Network

Jodi is a collaboration between European artists Joan Heemskerk and ...


Deconstructed tools which engage existing systems by miming them technically, ...