Saturday, 26 May, 2018

Art Directories

Net Art Sites



Minimalist interactive net experiments.


Live performances in real time and later exhibiting extracts from ...

Cooper, Shane

Contains several interactive pieces, including a simulated webcam and chatroom, ...

Knaven, Michiel

Art projects including "a polyphonic chronicle", an imaginary journey, started ...


Experimental project showing the viewer the society in the eyes ...

Harvey, Auriea and Samyn, Michael: Entropy8Zuper!

Immersive using Flash and Java.

O-O, Institutio Media

An experimental attempt to transfer an institution into the Internet ...

A Virtual Memorial

Memorial project created by Agricola de Cologne within his NewMedia ...

Net Rezonator

A communication system or a chat application exchanging sounds and ...


Migratory web poetics of Fung Lin Hall.

Baker, Anne: Container

Container is a virtual storage facility for memories. Users can ...

Visual critique of commercial Internet brands and consummerism plus browser ...


German online art experience.

Silicon Intelligence Network

Applied internet technologies, blurring the boundaries between all mediums of ...


Random playground with mysterious/abstract interactions that create beautiful "accidents" and ...

Bush, Katie: All Systems Go

A 'vectorized/suburban experience in all its nauseous glory.'


Frank Rothkamm's theory and praxis of supermodernism. In other words ...


Various interactive projects using Shockwave and other media.


Where digital dreams come true.


Participatory examination of the American criminal justice system that uses ...


Images melt into each other like a slideshow. Click the ...

Larsson, Jrgen: nossral

Norwegian artist and composer, founder of Bergen centre of Electronic ...

s.EXE Interactives - Visual Sequencer

Visual sequencer by Christina Goestl, Rene Mussai, Clitoressa and Friends. ...

Banner Art Collective

Creates, collects and distributes and poetry within the limitations ...

Institut fr Telenautik

The experimental broadcasting studio of Artschool Hamburg. Live streaming with ...


Explore six membrane-spanning alpha-helical domains.

200ok & Linktanks

Complex Shockwave art projects.


The homepage of Golan Levin. Experimental java applets and other ...

A variety of interactive studies and works created by Yugo ...

Open source experimental texture generation created with java.


Ethereal interactive works created by Zevan Rosser.


Artist Glen Murphy documents his explorations in visual computation.


Robert Hodgin's narrative and visual experiments in flash and proce55ing.

Theodorou, Lina

Selection of internet art work by contemporary artist Lina Theodorou.

Spoken word and video/flash poetry with an unusual edge.


Fun and addictive flash artwork by artist Patrick Smith.


A large body of work, ranging from flash experimentation to ...

At Any Time

An interesting net experience that will take you roughly 2 ...

Buckhouse, James

Web site of artist James Buckhouse.

Lialina, Olia: My Boyfriend Came Back From The War

By Russian net artist, critic and curator Olia Lialina.