Saturday, 1 October, 2016

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NuMoon Creations

Using humor to sketch ideas, two people defining ourselves through ...

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The Official Cynics View Website

A collection of both humorous and serious essays, dedicated to ...

Powell, Chris

Freelance writer working primarily in non-fiction including historical biographies, sailing ...

On The Globe

Providing news and information from Budapest and including an on-line ...

Barrington, R.A. - Private Correspondence

Collection of thought-provoking letters, illustrated by paintings and photography.

Acton, Tom - Puke on Pavement

A collection of rants, essays, and tasteful blends of insight ...

Quiet Little Cycles

Embrace the meltdown with some ramblings from Tiger Beat heartthrob ...

Mead, Rebecca

Has been a staff writer at The New Yorker since ...

Reverendflint Dispatch

Random ramblings.

The Righteous Order of the Devine

Writtings and philosophy of a recluse in harmony with nature.

Sealander, John - The Road to Nowhere

Essays that take a humorous look at American life in ...

The Senseless Bastard

These are the rantings of one Senseless Bastard.

Shah, Gibran

Provides a proposed solution to the mind-matter controversy.

Castro, Steven - Shape of the Universe

A collection of philosophical thought on a variety of subjects.

Moss, Sheila - Humor Columnist

Introduction and index page to articles of an online columnist.

Stone, Lin - Short Stuff

A collection of humor and essays from the professional writer ...

Shirley, John - The Skeptical Believer Site

The author rants on political corruption and conspiracy theory.

21st Century Rock & Roll boy

Rants on a variety of topics.

Subtle Femininity

Collection of rants.

Rowe, Sam - Synthetic Sam

Observations, realizations, complaints, and the daily hoo-ba-doo of Life.

True Adventure Cowboy Short Stories

True adventures of a South American cowboy told from his ...

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Douglass, Kate - Vertigoirl

An e-zine with a collection of rants, essays, and the ...

Welcome to Hell, Would you Like Fries with That?

Writings, and other thoughts.

Levine, David - Wicked Cool Mouth-Offs

Short essays on everything from god, to money, to sex, ...


Information on culture, literature and arts, through academic works, essays, ...

White, Sarah Bracey - The Writings Of

A self-examination of the life and times of a South ...

Garrigues, C.H.

Excerpts of books based upon the life of Charles Harris ...

The Media Desk

Journalist, freelancer, humorist, and professional observer Levite covers sports, religion, ...

Bielaski, Matthew - Lost Souls

A collection of written work and commentary on human nature.

Blue, Tina - Out of the Blue

Original essays on a wide variety of subjects of general ...

The Blue Box (Recycled Ideas) by Don Cox

Monthly topics range from politics, to good food, to the ...

Ruth Oron, Essayist

Articles on peace and war, motherhood, marriage, and art: from ...

Franklin, John - Thoughts and Visions

A collection of original essays. Subjects include education, politics, economics, ...

Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University of British Columbia now living ...

Prasanna Lal Das

Articles and stories on a variety of topics with the ...

Personal Stories

Stories about the funeral of Chile's Orlando Letelier, attending an ...

Sass, Adam - Literate Lemur Endeavours

Features photo exhibits, philosophical essays, and personal commentary.

Brand, John - The Total Philosophy to Replace all Philosophy

An essay claiming to provide all the answers to religion ...

Asapche, Jorge - Writings

Essays and lyrics by the author.

Giacalone, Joseph L. - Murders R Us

A collection of stories about the Mafia, police and the ...