Friday, 28 October, 2016

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Poetry Sites


Images and Poetry by Eric Morris

Image poems, iching paintings, contemporary paintings.

Paul's Eclectic Dreams

Poems and pictures by Paul Viel.

Poetry of Charles L. Cingolani

Poems about the city. Includes information on the author.

37 Poems of Lucius Furius

Author poses as African Bushman, Rommel; disinters Draft memories; grapples ...

Kay Irvin - Writing

Writing and lyrics style works. Dark and gothic poetry included.

Algonquin's Table

Forum for poetry and commentary, uploaded audio, discussion and much ...

Untraditional Woman

Graduated from Faculty of Commerce Business & Administration department Alexandria ...

My Book of Poems

I have been written poems, limricks, haikus, short stories, and ...

babru samal's photography and poetry

I have posted a few of my poems and some ...

Anne's Poetry Corner

Anne's personal and award winning poetry. Includes poems, tributes and ...

Simmons, Gina - Echoes Of The Form

Featuring poetry, short essays, and abstract artwork.

Sheftel, Beatrice - Beauty on the Weeds

Examples of original poetry and links to markets for writers ...

Skinn, Brian - Brian's Favourite Poems

A personal collection.

Smith, Vanessa - Celestial Dreams

Collection of poems by a teenage poet.

Sullivan, Chuck - Poems For Poem Haters

A collection of poems that people in all walks of ...

Silent Moon Song - Dark Side of the Moon

From the ever changing, insane mind of the author. Mostly ...

Shari, Donna - HideAway

World of poetry, gardening and fun.

Sully, Fabiola - Fabiola's Poetry

A personal collection.

Sbrocchi, Frances Arnett

Lyrical poetry about place and culture.

Simoneau-Ritchie, Dominique - Originality Is Key

Collection of poetry.

Spinelli, Carole Z. - The Heron's Nest

A personal collection.

Stafford, J.V. - A Hole in the Dark

Intense poetry communicating between the words, between the lines.

Shevchenko, Ivan

Translated song lyrics in Russian, English and Ukraine.

Sutherland, Jamie

The author's favorite poetic works.

Steinman, Mark - Jeeves Poetry Page

A collection of poems.

Shiovitz, Ken

Sample poetry. Discovery: how knowledge is acquired, both inside and ...

Siffre, Labi

Word art, web art, animation, song clips and poetry by ...

Stanley, J.L. - Labyrinth Poems

An anthology of poems, a record of the author's journey. ...

Shworan, Nadia - One Woman's Voice

Poetry, fiction, non-fiction anecdotes and watercolor art.

Sinclair, Kevin - Original Poetry

Poems that will move you through the full range of ...

Sprague, Dale J. - Phoenix

Selected soliloquies, tone poems, rhapsodies, variations of a theme.

Simpson, Erin - A Piece of my Mind

Artwork and poetry.

Syrenichol - Poems and Writings

Poems are added about every two months on average.

Stella, Richard

Selected poetry.

Sharma, Sarita - Poems from my Heart

A poetry collection.

Sanyal, Siddharth - The Poet Tree Shade

A collection of poems by Siddharth Sanyal.

Sterling, Tova

Samples of poetry about love, social issues, joy and people.

Shaw, Bernard - Poetry for All

A mixed site of rhyming poems.

Schoonover, Daniel Phillip - Powered by Dan

Music, poetry and photos.

Steele, Barbara C.B. - Psychogenic

A collection of poetry and poetic ramblings from the edge ...