Friday, 21 October, 2016

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Making Batman & Superman Fly

By Jimmy Aquino. [Animation Nerd's Paradise] "I always wanted to ...

Suite 101: Animation Writing and Production

Insight and advice into writing and working at non-artist jobs ...


Animation writing resources with recommended links on sample scripts, classes, ...

Howard Beckerman: Animation, the Whole Story

Book authored by veteran animator and animation historian offering history ...

Gore & Lombard

Official site of cartoon writers Evan Gore and Heather Lombard.

Tazmanian Devil & His Tasty Friends

Guest column by Paul Dini discussing a rare Warner Bros ...

Belles of Hope

By Jennifer M. Contino. [] Interview with Paul Dini about ...

Animation Writers Caucus Awards Paul Dini

From's Headline News.

Paul Dini

By Emru Townsend. [The Critical Eye] "What it's like to ...

DC Comics Online Chats

Chat transcript excerpt from an interview with Paul Dini.

Paul Dini's Jingle Belle

Official site with webcam, web cartoons, news, interview, and profiles ... - Earl Kress

Writer credits.

The Write Stuff

Tips on animation writing and sample cartoon scripts from Emmy-Winner ...