Friday, 28 October, 2016

Art Directories

Science Fiction and Fantasy Sites


Miller, Ron - Black Cat Studios

Gallery of science fiction and fantasy artist Ron Miller.

Scott, Dan

Science fiction and fantasy images by the artist, including works ...

Stout, William

Features biographical details, galleries of work, and merchandise.

Hickman, Stephen

Science fiction and fantasy illustrations by Stephen Hickman.

Lenagh, Kevin - Lenagh Alien Factory

A portfolio of science fiction, fantasy, and cartoon illustrations from ...

Anderson, David Lee - SF & F Illustration

The works of illustrator David Lee Anderson, featuring an art ...

Brandon, Theresa

This site features fantasy and children's illustration in watercolor, digital, ...

Lee, April - Illustrations

Offers a list of April's works, a gallery of prints ...

Glentoran, Jon - Wayouteast

A small gallery of the science-fiction and fantasy artwork of ...

Kane, Monty S.

Fantasy art and imaginative illustration by Monty S. Kane.

Hudson, Heather - Studio WonderCabinet

Features her works for role-playing and collectible card games.

Packard, Sue -

Insect and creature illustrations, cartoons, and comics by Sue Packard.

Vernon, Ursula - Metal And Magic

The fantasy and furry artwork of Ursula Vernon.

Boros, Zoltan and Szikszai, Gabor

The fantasy, sci-fi and modern works of Hungarian illustrators Zoltan ...

Burton, David

The illustrations of David Burton, including his portfolio, latest projects, ...

Miller, Ian

Illustrations from J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of The Rings, Games Workshop, ...

Goodenough, John

Artist portfolio featuring fantasy and science fiction art including Game ...

Hansen, Meinert - Fiction Science

This is the homepage of Meinert Hansen, science fiction concept ...

Bohbot, Michel

Fantasy, science fiction, and adventure illustrations from books, video and ...

Grant, Melvyn

Digital graphic artist and illustrator Mel Grant.


Collection of fantastic heroines and witches, done in b/w and ...

Trott, Beth

Fantasy illustrator and freelance artist Beth Trott.

Qing, He

He Qing's illustration and art work for editorial, television arts, ...

Turner, Pat

Features galleries of his works, a biography, and related links.

Bagaric, Dorotea

Artist specializing in characters and landscapes executed in a range ...

Skinner, Sarah - SASart Studios

Illustrator specializing in historical, fantasy, and dark horror genres and ...

Ingeneri, Nikolaus

A portfolio that features conceptual and futuristic, or science fiction ...

Chui, Janet - Melencolia

Melancholy fantasy art and illustration by Janet Chui.

Rabideau, Gerren

Fantasy watercolor illustrations.

O'Connor, William

Artist, illustrator, concept designer for games such as Legend of ...

Weasley, Monica

Includes an artwork gallery including drawings and photo manipulations.

Lozano, Laura de la Fuente - Lauralanthalasa Sites

Artwork and portfolio. Features drawings of vampires, elves, gnomes and ...

Harris, Dwayne - Illuminations

Fantasy paintings, drawings, and comic art by Dwayne Harris.

Fisher, Jeffrey Brian

A gallery of fantasy and science fiction art and updated ...

Bodker, Rune

Illustrations, concept art and work portfolio by Rune Bodker. Includes ...

Leri, David

The fantasy, science fiction, and western themed illustrations of David ...

Dragoon Art

Original fantasy illustrations of dragons, knights, heroes and heroines by ...

Jeff Gaither's Graphics

An experienced and well established artist featuring loads of "Rat ...

Thompson, Derek

Monster concept work, sketchbook, downloads, and resume.


Specializing in gothic horror, fantasy, and media art/illustration.