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Weekly Movie Review

What makes Weekly Movie Review different than all the other ...

Monster Movie DVDs

Monster Movie DVDs is the online DVD store for connoisseurs ...

Kids in Mind

Reviews based on the amount of sex, nudity, violence, gore, ...

The Movie Mom

Nell Minow reviews movies and gives advice on a wide ...

FamilyStyle Film Guide

Rating charts provide parents with information about the profanity, nudity, ...

Screen It!

Offer detailed reviews of movies and DVDs including amount of ...


Identifies and reviews movies that are free from immodesty or ...

Parents Television Council - Movie Reviews

Reviews by the Parents Television Council, Holly McClure, and Michael ...

Movies for Guys

Light-hearted reviews targeting a typical North American male audience.


Movie reviews with a touch of humor.

Animated Movie Reviews

Features movie reviews with input from various comical characters. Includes ...


Provides a library of humorous film commentary, reviews, articles, and ...

Differing Opinions Movie Reviews

Archive of reviews by two authors with perpetually opposing viewpoints. ...

Film Frat

Movie reviews from a college student's perspective.

The Film Hobbit

Sardonic reviews of new releases and video rentals. Also features ...

Hortense Vasucchi's Movie Reviews

Sardonic film reviews from an enthusiast. Features recommendations and related ...

Back Row Reviews

Sardonic reviews of theatrical releases by James Dawson.

Vert A Go Go Reviews

Current and archived reviews of mainstream and DVD releases.

Objective Movie Reviews

Collection of reviews by Dave Fischer. Reviews do not always ... Movie Reviews

Archive of current and older film reviews by Widgett.

The Bizarre Movie Reviewer

A lunatic reviews very strange movies, based on how many ...

Holy-wood: Christian Entertainment Reviews

Several mock film reviews from the Landover Baptist Church, an ...

David Goody's Light Hearted Movie Reviews

Film reviews, ratings, and commentary.

Movie Criticism for the Retarded

Reviews through the eyes of video store clerks. Current articles, ...

The Voice of Reason: Comedy Classic Movie Watch

Provides synopses and answers to spoofed questions about films, categorized ...

Monkeyboy Review

Reviews of current and past UK releases by a genetically ...

Gives one-line summations and detailed reviews of current and back-catalogue ...

Movie Autopsy Guild

Reviews from the point of view of a cranky grandmother.

Movie Call

Reviews of current releases and past films rated against the ...

Internet Movie Reviews

Old and new reviews by critic Alex Jizzle.

Margy and Jeremy - Movie Reviews

Husband and wife review the movies they see together.

Rant of the Atlantis Mantis

Movies and other pop culture dissected, derided, and offensively ranted ...

Reel Movie Guys

Online movie review from a real guy's perspective.

Jeffrey Dugong, B.A. - Celluloid Visionary

Pretentiously ill-informed reviews (in weblog form) of past and current ...

Movie Deaths Database

The best and worst Hollywood Homicides.

Friday & Saturday Night

Features rated film reviews, articles and links.

Choking on Popcorn

Movie reviews for new theatrical and DVD releases as well ...

The Weekly Blurb

Hollywood spin doctor-style reactions to mainstream films.

The Circle of Suck

Satirical commentary on film trailers.

The Filthy Critic

Sarcastic reviews listed alphabetically.