Wednesday, 26 October, 2016

Art Directories

Painting Sites


Schreyer, Brigitte

Creates landscapes, close-ups, and floral compositions. Provides a biography, gallery ...

Schwartz, Karen

Images of her paintings of people, places, and things in ...


Watercolor portraits and pigure paintings, still lifes and landscapes. Also ...

Sandwyk, Charles van

Painter and illustrator from Vancouver, Canada, exhibits paintings of the ...

Stanic, Velimir

Artist presents a gallery of original works representative of Dubrovnik, ...

Skinner, Steve

Photorealistic paintings, depicting urban areas found in Chicago.

Speed, David

Gallery display of abstract watercolors from Lower Manhattan artist incorporating ...

Sardar K. website

Art gallery with some nice watercolors and prints of Tuscany.

Snedeker-Martinez, Carol

Watercolor artist living in western North Carolina. She specializes in ...

Stubbs Cooney, Marilyn

Gallery of watercolor works from British Columbia based artist.

Santos, Joe

American watercolor artist. Provides galleries, art shows, recent works, and ...

Tung, Marion

Gallery with watercolors and PC graphics by Marion Tung.

Tsenov, Valeri

Valeri Tsenov - The Artist, Paintings, Watercolour. Virtual Art Gallery


Tasia uses an uncommon overlay technique to produce vibrant naturalistic ...

Thorley, Judy

A watercolor gallery of floral, landscape art and other artistic ...

Teteris, Georgia

This Ohio watercolorist's 'no-holds barred' painting style uses warm colors ...

Thomas, Marilynn

Realistic watercolors of past and recent work, and shows where ...

Talbott, Frank

Portraits and landscapes. Originals available for purchase.

Tolooie, Shahab

Gallery of modern Impressionism, music and nudes in watercolor.

Thibault, Deanna

Highly stylized figurative and landscape watercolor paintings. Also offering instruction.

Tudor, Paula

A romanian watercolorist.

Tenzin, Joel

Images of his watercolors, which depict the life he saw ...

Vidigal de Vince, Julinya

Original watercolors featuring landscapes, seascapes, and vignettes.

Vaughan, John

Original art by John Vaughan, with pictures from Romania. While ...

Watercolor Safari

Paintings by Joseph Wyatt of the people, the wildlife, and ...

Webb Tregay, Susan

Original paintings and watercolor florals.

Wicker Azzoni, Margaret

Watercolors of interiors and exteriors, art statement and resume.

Woo, Cathy

Online gallery featuring the paintings of artist Cathy Woo.

Wincup, Donald

Original watercolours mostly depicting tranquil landscapes and river scenes of ...

Weida, Donna L

Watercolors of children, animals and flowers created by Indiana artist.

Warren, Jean

Colorful and decorative landscape and still life paintings.

Wires, William

Watercolors of Rome, Venice, and Cefalý (Sicily), also of Switzerland ...

Weber, Eve Rosaire

Diverse work by watercolorist Eve Rosaire Weber

Waugh, M. Wesley

Selection of landscape, figurative, and still life paintings.

Wegter, Jay

Plein air original watercolor paintings of landscapes, seascapes, historical buildings, ...

Walls Smith, Nancy

Portfolio and resume of watercolor artist from Michigan.

Young, Joyce A.

Minnesota watercolor artist.

Young, Isabel

Presents landscapes and seascapes influenced by the Romantics and the ...

Zalucha, Peggy Flora

Representational watermedia paintings on paper by Peggy Flora Zalucha, award ...

Zughaib, Helen

Washington, D.C., artist working in gouache. Images, biography, and past ...