Monday, 24 October, 2016

Art Directories

Comic Strips and Panels Sites


Dangerously Psycho

About a man, his shady brother, mallet-wielding girlfriend, secret-society roommate, ...

Dead Baby

Follows the tasteless adventures of a rather unfortunate anti-hero.

Don't Panic

College humor and adventures by Andy Moore.

The Designersaurs

About three lab-coat wearing dinosaurs, a confusing Russian brother and ...

Detective Fork

A 1930's style mystery serial starring cutlery. Features an archive, ...

Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire

Seeing the past, the future, and idiots. He is a ...

Disgruntled Punk

Features the cast, origin, and list of cartoons.

Divine Comics

Includes hand-drawn and colored comics as well as short stories.

Donut Box

Dennis Lingg's absurdist comic strip about the daily grind, office ...


A collection of things that happen to Burt Bernheimer. By ...


A page-a-day graphic novel in progress. Based on Bram Stoker's ...

Decorative Edison

Strip using photographs of people and dogs.

Demonic Boppu

Follow the humorous and dramatic lives of a group of ...

Destination Unknown

A view into the lives of a group of miscreants, ...

Dex Lives

The Life and Times of an overqualified post-graduate humanoid dragon.


Herr Grossman, Errol, and Estoque, the last word in organized ...


A webcomic focusing on the trials and tribulations of high ...

Digital Vigilante

A parody of our electronic universe.

Dread Man

A New York state trooper becomes a action hero. By ...


The sort of people your mother said "Don't be like ...

DBZ parody

A gallery of cartoons by the Pepsiholics.


A luckless singer-songwriter and his dog. By Rory O'Bannion.

The Devil's Panties

A dark and stylistic view into the life of an ...

Deer Me

Follow three roommates and their quirky day-to-day lives. By Sheryl ...

Duck and Llama

Weird and strange escapades of two friends.

Detox Comic

Strip about life in the IT industry from the point ...

Dash and Doodles Productions

Home site of the on-line comic strip Queen Marguerite the ...

Chronicles of the Banter Bizarre

James Spence's weekly journal of bizarre humour, weird lists, wit ...