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Collegiate Damage

Humor strip about life-long friends who attend the same college ...

Carbon Alley

Funny strip by Jeff Koval in which two rabbits and ...


A humorous look at superstition, skepticism, science and religion. Includes ...

Cool Calvin & Hobbes Collection

Includes the Calvin Alphabet, how to make a G.R.O.S.S hat, ...

Exploring Calvin and Hobbes

Results of an informal poll on reasons for the popularity ...

Calvin and Hobbes Fireside

Includes some poems, and a few strips from Finland.

Goodbye Calvin and Hobbes

Personal insights, images and information.

Calvin and Hobbes USA

Features poems by Bill Waterson, message boards and comics.

Calvin and Hobbes: Unplugged

Tributes by other artists, collection of Watterson interviews, and bibliography.

Calvinball Rules

How to play Calvinball (illustrated).

Calvin and Hobbes: Magic On Paper

Large collection of articles, interviews, and various other media about ...

Calvin & Hobbes Realm

A tribute page containing character details, some comic strips, and ...

The Calvin and Hobbes Experience

Material from the strip gathered into various theme sections.

The Calvin & Hobbes Page at Craig's

Includes sections on Watterson, list of books, Snow Art, and ...

The Calvin and Hobbes Wonderland

Offers pictures, quotes, wallpaper and comics.

Andrews McMeel Publishing: Calvin and Hobbes Home Page

Official website of "The Complete Calvin and Hobbes" from publisher ...

Jawbone Radio: In Search of Bill Watterson

A podcast interview with Bill Watterson's mother.

Digital Calvin and Hobbes

Includes games, a discussion forum, and quotes. Allows users to ...

Character Profiles from Another Planet

In depth look at the different characters from the comic ...

Calvin and Hobbes at uComics

Official AOL site. Includes 30 day archive of comics. Also, ...

Calvin and Hobbes World

Features comics, quotes, and pictures organized into theme sections.

Calvin and Hobbes Unofficial Website

A tribute to Calvin and Hobbes. Information on the characters, ...

Gouri's 'Calvin and Hobbes' World of Fun

Meet Calvin, Hobbes, the rest of the cast, read comic ...

C&H Hideout

Includes strips, pictures, animations, links, and quotes.

Calvin and

Official site featuring thirty day archive of cartoons, one re-released ...

Calvin and Hobbes' Magical World

Provides a lot of background information on Calvin and Hobbes ...

Fiona's Calvin and Hobbes Page

Includes sections on Watterson, poetry, list of books, and selected ...

Simply Calvin and Hobbes

Animations, comics, Calvinball, and downloads.

Calvin and Hobbes Kick

Character guide, list of famous quotes, Calvin's alter egos.

Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes

Information regarding one of the only licenced Calvin and Hobbes ...

Calvin and Hobbes: A Sad Goodbye

Includes a quiz, comic strips, and some downloads.

Kim's Calvin and Hobbes Page

Has games, links, and a quiz.

The Calvin and Hobbes Jumpstation

Lists character names around the world, and includes a 1995 ...

The Calvin and Hobbes Album

Includes reviews, a radio show, and a search facility for ...

Don Markstein's Toonopedia: Calvin and Hobbes

Brief information on the background of the comic.

Everything Calvin and Hobbes

Discussion group at Yahoo!.

Wikipedia: Calvin and Hobbes

A compilation of information about the comic strip.

The Calvin and Hobbes Conglomerate

Webring for Calvin and Hobbes fanatics.

The Best Calvin and Hobbes Ring Ever!

More sites about the eight year old boy and his ...


Dysfunctional family to keep you laughing.