Tuesday, 16 January, 2018

Art Directories

Comic Strips and Panels Sites


Geebas on Parade

Jennie Breeden on LARP at SOLAR.

Girl Street

Web comic about high school kids, by Rissa.

Good 'n' Evil

Comic about little round angels, demons, and time-travelling giant robots, ...

Golden Rock

A brave hero, a perilous adventure, a grand plot, and ...

The Grimbles

Twice-weekly strip revolving around the multitudinous Grimble family. By Adam ...


About dragons, Dragunz actually, who live with humans, an elf, ...


Offers mostly gag strips and sketches and a forum.

Planet Odie

Biography and image gallery of Garfield's nemesis.

Planet Garfield

Fan site with character information, image gallery, and animations.

IRMA Online

The Irma Recognition Modernistic Association, for fans of the waitress.

Herb & Jamaal

The official site includes daily comics, games, a fan forum, ...

Hounds Home

An original humor comic strip.

Hydrants & Hairballs

Cats and dogs tell the story but please don't call ...

Hell Comics

An angel, a demon and the rest of the dwellers ...

Hidden Glade

Absurdly philosophical, abstractly metaphorical, weekly fantasy web-based comic strip. By ...


Comic strip featuring animals working in a high tech office. ...


Home of gaming enthusiast Chris Maguire. Also features reviews and ...

Hey Harry

A uniquely humorous twist on life for all ages young ...


Features the absurd humour and veiled political criticism of GutterWidth, ...

Happy Shadows Press

The home of exotic and provocative artwork. There are two ...

Herd Thinners Incorporated

Features the series "Kevin and Kell", organized by daily, weekly ...


Official site of the original. Features art, album, gallery, and ...

Hairbutt the Hippo

The cult Australian comic strip about the private eye. By ...

Holding Down the Couch

Follow the adventures of four boys and their toys as ...


The adventures of former rap star pit bull DJ Dog. ...

Hedgehog Games

Features two web comics; one drawn, and one with photos ...

The Hobnobbers

The ongoing story of a dysfunctional family including a bulemic ...

H. D. Alters Cartoon Art Gallery

Features Hapless Harold, a tramp whom finds religion.

Heroe the Foster Child

The characters, the strips, and all about. Weekly.

Hagen Cartoons

Features the cartoon "It's a Jungle Out There". Includes archives.


Features two series, Knight and Day and The Inquiring Minds, ...


About friendship, life, love and growing up.


Follows the adventures of a dense boy. By John Moore.

Hell Sweet Hell

Comic about Satan's life. Includes an archive and character profiles.

H. T. Cow's Comics

Adventure strip by Winter Arcana, Danny Donnovan, and Daniel C. ...

Hard Underbelly

Tristan Davis' serialized story about vampires and other assorted creatures.

Innies and Outties

Funny comic strip about two latchkey kids imagining their way ...

It Could Happen

A comic strip which takes a unique and entertaining look ...


A comic strip about a full-time father/part-time cartoonist and his ...


A comic strip drawn entirely with isometric perspective cubes.