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Medieval English Theatre

Journal of medieval drama with articles and reports on mystery ...


A synopsis of the finest and best known of the ...

Medieval English Drama: Modernized Performance Texts

Modern acting versions of 'The Castle of Perseverance' and 'The ...

Middle English Drama Texts

Complete texts of eleven English moral comedies and a growing ...

Medieval Drama

A collection of links.


Complete text from the edition by A. C. Cawley.

Chester Noah's Flood

Background and links for mystery play from the Chester Cycle.

Chester Mystery Plays

Originally performed on wagons in the streets, a selection from ...

The Towneley Plays

Complete text of the thirty-two plays in the cycle.

Woman as Termagant in The Towneley Cycle

Article by Mary P. Freier.

Medieval Meets Modern Manhattan

Article from the Juilliard Journal about a radical adaptation of ...

Towneley Plays

Annotated etexts of several plays from the University of Calgary.

The Second Shepherd's Play

An introduction.

The Second Shepherd's Play in The Wakefield Cycle

Introduction and literary analysis.

Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse: The Towneley Plays

E-texts at the University of Michigan.

The Mystery Play - 25 Years On

Account of the 1975 staging of some York Cycle plays ...

The York Plays

The complete text of the most famous cycle of the ...

York Plays

Class notes with introduction, photographs, links.

York Corpus Christi Play Simulator

Features a computer program that models the motion of pageant ...

Doomsday Menu

Describes an academic project to collect information relating to the ...

York Mystery Plays

Annual dramatic event held in July. History of the plays ...

The Guilds of York: York Mystery Plays

Information and photographs from performances in 2002.

Italian Dramatic Criticism of the Renaissance

An overview of dramatic criticism during the Italian Renaissance. Includes ...

German Drama in the Sixteenth Century

An overview of German theatre in the Sixteenth Century.


Textes en ligne, biographie par années, indications sur les personnages ...

Moonstruck Drama Bookstore: Molière

Biography of French playwright.

Moliere in English

Moliere plays in new English language adaptations. Classic theatrical comedies ... Molière

Articles on the French dramatist.

Molière (Jean Baptiste de Poquelin, 1621-1673)

A biography of the French dramatist and analysis of his ...


Paul Kruger's musical adaptation of Moliere's two wild medical satires, ...

Moliere (1622-1673)

Biographical article in the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica.

Death of Moliere

An account of the last days of Moliere and of ...

The Imaginary Invalid: Playing Dead

A history of 'The Imaginary Invalid,' Moliere's final offering for ...

The Misanthrope

An analysis of the play by Moliere. The Misanthrope

Brief summary of the play by Moliere.

The Misanthrope and Its Complex Hero

Short paper on Alceste, the hero of Moliere's comedy 'The ...

The Misanthrope

A synopsis of the play by Moliere.

The Pretentious Young Ladies

Complete text of the play by Molière.

The Pretentious Young Ladies

An introductory note on the play by Molière.


A history of the play by Moliere.