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Rall, Ted

Artist's official site, with archive of strips and opinion columns.

Locus Online: Philip Shropshire Reviews Ted Rall's 2024

Review of Rall's Orwell homage/parody calls it "on target" despite ...

BuzzFlash: Ted Rall Interview

Rall discusses his book Gas War and the aftermath of ...

The Comics Journal: Ted Rall

Excerpts from interview by Gary Groth, discussing Afghanistan and political ...

Comic Book Galaxy: Ted Rall

Interview by Alan David Doane, on Rall's weekly strip, his ...

The Comics Journal: John Romita

Lengthy excerpt from interview by Tom Spurgeon.

The Unofficial John Romita Jr. Website

Fan page with gallery of pencil illustrations, fan art, news ...

The Incomplete John Romita Jr. Checklist

Artist's work listed chronologically and by title; also includes interview ...

All Things Considered: Amazing Spider-Man

Radio interview by Linda Wertheimer on Romita's Spider-Man work after ...


A comparison of the differences in a story when it ...


The most comprehensive web site about Don Rosa.


Sections include: Introductions to Don Rosa and his work, biographies ...

The Two Worlds of Don Rosa

Compares the different versions of Don Rosa stories.

Ross, Alex: Original Art

Original art for sale from all of Ross' works, including ...

Official Steve Rude Web Site

Information on the artist and his titles Nexus and The ...

Johnny Ryan's Angry Youth Comix

Official site, with online comics, sketches, and catalog.

The Comics Journal: 20 Questions with Johnny Ryan

Interview by Peter Bagge.

Dave Stevens

The official website of the artist.

Simon, Joe

Creator (with Jack Kirby) of Captain America and other classic ...

Segrelles, Vicente

Author of The Mercenary. News, images, and how to paint. ...

Starlin, Jim

Volume 1. Official site for the artist and writer of ...

Stazer, Tom

Stazerland. Official site of artist and his creations: Spaced, Crazy ...

Scott, Sean

A new comic universe created by from the imagination of ...

Steranko, Jim

Online exhibition of the art of Jim Steranko.

Sies, John

The internet home of the Artczar - cartoons, humorous illustration ...

Suhartono, Gumelar Pram

Comic artist, magazine cover illustrator, offers a few samples.

Stephens, Jay

Information on his publications, with online examples and original art ...

Sukarangsan, Jonathan

Intoxicated Studios. Online comics and sketchbook.

Sinclair, Peter

An interview with the creator of Alex's Restaurant.

Sala, Richard

Creator of Evil Eye, Invisible Hands, The Chuckling Whatsit. View ...

Strangmeyer, Sven

Online portfolio of comic art.

Slayton, Cal

Portfolio of comic book, cartoon, and web graphics.

Soden, Khris

Comics, projects, and free web art.

Sam, Salgood

Includes illustration portfolio, sketch book, paintings, news, and links.

Stevens, Mick

The work of New Yorker cartoonist.

Stevenson, Jeffery

DarkOra's Story Board. The place to keep tabs on what's ...

Sparrow, Andy

Online biker comics, including titles Bloodrunners and Ink.

Shiga, Jason

Creator of Meanwhile, Double Happiness, Fleep. Site features many online ...

Stall, Vincent

King Mini International. Mini-comics catalog, related merchandise, and sketchbook.

Scalzo, Kevin

Comics, paintings and illustrations.