Sunday, 24 June, 2018

Art Directories

Creators Sites


Rees, David

Creator of clip-art comics Get Your War On and My ...

Reid, Mikhaela Blake

Political cartoons, illustrations, and weblog from Boston Phoenix cartoonist.

Riddle, Theodore

Monolith Comics. Features superhero series Compu-M.E.C.H.

Rainey, Jason

A portfolio of sequential art and illustration.

Riggs, Robin and Elayne

Soulmate Productions. Official site of DC and Marvel comics artist ...

Rall, Ted

Artist's official site, with archive of strips and opinion columns.


The most comprehensive web site about Don Rosa.


Sections include: Introductions to Don Rosa and his work, biographies ...

Ross, Alex: Original Art

Original art for sale from all of Ross' works, including ...

Official Steve Rude Web Site

Information on the artist and his titles Nexus and The ...

Johnny Ryan's Angry Youth Comix

Official site, with online comics, sketches, and catalog.

Dave Stevens

The official website of the artist.

Simon, Joe

Creator (with Jack Kirby) of Captain America and other classic ...

Starlin, Jim

Volume 1. Official site for the artist and writer of ...

Sies, John

The internet home of the Artczar - cartoons, humorous illustration ...

Sala, Richard

Creator of Evil Eye, Invisible Hands, The Chuckling Whatsit. View ...

Strangmeyer, Sven

Online portfolio of comic art.

Slayton, Cal

Portfolio of comic book, cartoon, and web graphics.

Soden, Khris

Comics, projects, and free web art.

Stevens, Mick

The work of New Yorker cartoonist.

Stevenson, Jeffery

DarkOra's Story Board. The place to keep tabs on what's ...

Sparrow, Andy

Online biker comics, including titles Bloodrunners and Ink.

Shiga, Jason

Creator of Meanwhile, Double Happiness, Fleep. Site features many online ...

Stall, Vincent

King Mini International. Mini-comics catalog, related merchandise, and sketchbook.

Scalzo, Kevin

Comics, paintings and illustrations.

Schaal, Mari

Home page for the mini-comic Estrus and other work; catalog, ...

Slade, Arthur G.

Official site for novelist and comics writer (Hallowed Knight, Shades ...

Simpson, Carol

Single-panel humor and political cartoons about business and labor. Updated ...

Swenson, Jeff

Strips and gag panels including The Cynic and Frenetic Wanderings; ...

Swarte, Joose

Official site of this Dutch industrial designer and comics artist. ...

Sheets, Abram

Artist information, comics and illustration gallery.

Senft, Kevin (Blond)

Digital coloring gallery with featured images.

Semegran, Scott

Cartoonist of comic titles including Mr. Grieves, A Perpetual State ...

Sook, Ryan

Official site including events, gallery, and original art for sale.

Smallwood-Garcia, John

News and showcase of self-published work.

Sheikman, Alex

Creator of Moonstruck, Robotika, and illustrator for Marvel and Slave ...

Sale, Tim

Includes images, biography, notes, and showcases of artwork for Marvel ...

Studio Funk-O-Tron

Publishers of Battle Pope and creative force behind Image's Invincible, ...

Stone, Larry

A collection of strips, full pagers and other illustrations.

Storti, Travis

Humorous cartoonist. Features cartoon gallery, comments, contact information, cartoonist's profile ...