Tuesday, 25 October, 2016

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Comic Book Artist Magazine: Zot! Inspection

Author discusses his early career and his fantasy/superhero series Zot. ...

Austin Chronicle: SXSW Interactive Festival

Interview about online comics, in section on digital media festival ...

The Comics Journal: Scott McCloud

Excerpts from interview by R.C. Harvey.

Understand Your Comics

Brief review of Understanding Comics.

The Onion AV Club: Scott McCloud

Interview about the problems with digital production, the Napster debate, ...

WebReview: Understanding Comics

Interview on how this book of comics theory has influenced ...

The Narcolepsy Retrospective

Official site of the first exhibition of McKean on the ...

The Podium: Carla McNeil Interview

Interview focusing on the artist's inspirations and production techniques.

The Unofficial Frank Miller Page

A fan page featuring artwork, a biography and a list ...

The Dark Knight: Year One

A summary and analysis of Batman: Year One.

The Dark Knight Returns

A summary and analysis of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

The Frank Miller Fan Page

A fan page featuring several graphics and top ten list.

The Frank Miller Resource

A complete guide to the written works of comic creator.

IMDB - Frank Miller

The Internet Movie Database entry.

Complete Works of Frank Miller

Catalog of works, with cover art, descriptions, articles and interviews.

Continuity Pages: Frank Miller

The work of Frank Miller in table format, with additional ...

The Frank Miller Library

Bibliography of comics, artwork and screenplays. Including cover scans and ...

CIFI: Frank Miller

Brief interview from an Italian fan site.

Comic Art.com Interview

Interview about Miller's work on Spawn.

The Treatment: Frank Miller

Radio interview by film critic Elvis Mitchell. Program archive also ...

Fresh Air: Comic Book Artist and Writer Frank Miller

Radio interview about his Dark Knight books. [Requires RealAudio]

Jay's Alan Moore Page

Images, overviews and links for Alan Moore titles.


Annotations and notes for the first 24 issues. Includes links ...

Ultrazine: Alan Moore Special

Essays, comics and illustrations by multiple contributors on the writer's ...

4ColorHeroes: Alan Moore for Free

Rare stories, correspondence, and scripts, including the beginning of the ...

The Continuity Pages: Alan Moore

A study of Alan Moore and his miscellaneous work, with ...

Alan Moore Fan Site

News, biography, previews, appearances, and bibliography.

Sequart.com: Alan Moore Chronology

A chronology of author's work, including links. Assembled and written ...

Wikipedia: Alan Moore

Offers biography, career credits, early works, adaptations, related external links ...

Madelyn Boudreaux: V For Vendetta

An annotation of literary, historic and artistic references in Alan ...

Comic Book Resources: Moore Slams V for Vendetta Movie

Alan Moore, co-creator of the "V For Vendetta" comic, has ...

V for Vendetta Shrine

Offers analysis and images from the comic book written by ...

Blather: The Alan Moore Interview

Twenty-part interview covering the author's career from V for Vendetta ...

Comic Book Artist: Toasting Absent Heroes

Interview on how the Charlton Comics superheroes became the basis ...

Kirby Collector: Alan Moore Interview

The author discusses Jack Kirby's influence on his work. Interview ...

Comic Book Resources: Alan Moore Interview

Interview by Brad Stone, on the author's ABC titles and ...

The Guardian: Moore's Murderer

On Moore's experiences with Hollywood and his involvement with magic. ...

LA Weekly: The Rational Shaman

Interview by Jay Babcock on Moore's shamanic performances.

Alan Moore: 1963 Interviews

Two interviews with Moore in the guise of Affable Al, ...

The Onion AV Club: Alan Moore

Tasha Robinson interviews the author on the From Hell movie, ...