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Dee, Natalie

Official site for the artist's paintings, advice, journal, and biography. ...


Official website and daily drawings of self-proclaimed "Inter-Net Superstar" known ...

Dorgathen, Hendrik

Experimental comics, illustration, and animation by German cartoonist Hendrik Dorgathen. ...

Geof Darrow Salute

Fan site with artist information, bibliography, art samples and news.

Geoffrey Darrow, The Undisputed King

Covers from Cross, Hardboiled, Big Guy and Rusty the Boy ...

Time: The Transgressive Comix of Kim Deitch

Andrew Arnold reviews Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Fantastic Metropolis: An Interview with Kim Deitch

Interview by Jeffrey Ford, on Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Official Jamie Delano Website

Artist information, bibliography, news, and weblog.

Silver Bullet Comics: Earning Outlaw Status

Interview by Regie Rigby about Delano's series Outlaw Nation, and ...

PopMatters: Truth, Justice, and the British Way

Interview by A. David Lewis, on Delano's situation as a ...

A Dirge for the Doubly Dead

Interview with Roman Dirge, creator of Lenore, by Annie Wong.

Ditko Looked Up

Blake Bell's Steve Ditko site, with biography, bibliography, essays, news ...

On the Media: Man Behind Spider-Man Unmasked

Radio program with Blake Bell and Bob Garfield discussing Ditko's ...

The Official Website of Colleen Doran

Information on the artist and her projects.

The Comics Journal: Debbie Drechsler

Excerpt from an interview by Gary Groth.

Debbie Drechsler

Artist's official site, with biography and portfolio.

Drawn to Scale: Debbie Drechsler's 'Summer of Love' Charts the Trials of Adolescence

Review of the graphic novel by Richard von Busack from ... What It Feels Like for a Girl

Andrew Arnold reviews Summer of Love.

Ewing, Brian

Features sample artwork from this illustrator.

Emerson, Hunt

Online examples of the work of Britain's foremost underground comic ...

Elliott, Phil

Art samples from UK cartoonist and animator.

Ennis, Garth

The Continuity Pages. Bibliography of writer's miscellaneous work, with links ...

Erbes, Eric

The online portfolio of Eric Erbes. Features examples of artwork, ...

Englehart, Steve

Biography and book by book overview of the writer's work.

Elrod, Robert

Underground comics. Includes horror, fantasy and humor comics.

Eaton, Jeremy

Seattle based alternative illustrator and cartoonist's online presence.

Ezquerra, Carlos

Biography and numerous examples of the Spanish artist's published work.

Comic Book Artist: A Spirited Relationship

Interview by Jon B. Cooke, on The Spirit and Eisner's ...

The Annotated Dreamer

Annotations on the historical context of Eisner's graphic novel The ...

The Jack Kirby Collector: Will Eisner Interview

Interview on Eisner's working relationship with Kirby, who worked in ...

Rain Taxi: The Minor Miracles of Will Eisner

Eric Lorberer reviews The Last Knight, Last Day in Vietnam, ...

Yahoo Groups: Eisner-L

Listserver for discussion of the artist's works. Will Eisner

Author information page includes analysis of his importance to the ...

Official site, with author information, bibliography, and sketches from upcoming ...

Warren Ellis

Official site, with information on upcoming and past projects, essays, ...


Ellis's column on comics for

The Continuity Pages: Warren Ellis

Index to the author's miscellaneous works, not including major titles. ...

POV Online

Official site of the prolific comics, TV and animation writer ...

Eulogy for Rosalind Kirby

By Mark Evanier. Tribute to the wife of comics legend ...

God is eating well

By Mark Evanier. "My most memorable meals would probably have ...