Friday, 30 September, 2016

Art Directories

Tattoo Sites


The Healing Art Foundation

Fundraising group that brings breast cancer survivors and Tattooist together. ...

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Alliance of Professional Tattooists

APT is a national organization that promotes safety issues for ...

Rae's Tattoo Gallery

Photos and discussions about the meaning of her adornments.

Frost Tattoos

Offers tattoos and body piercing. Includes image gallery of tattoos.

Grubby's House of Body Art

Tattoo convention information, galleries, flash, and tattoo Bible verse.

Sal Franco

Photos of work and information on a tattoo artist in ...

I am

Custom tattooing and bodyart by artist David Heydn. Located in ...


Artist homepage with photos and information.


Images of bird tattoos and flattop haircuts. Background information on ...

Dreamland Creations

Contains information on the history of tattooing, flash, aftercare information, ...

Ko e Tatatau

Contains information about the Tongan tattoo traditions, its history and ...

Tattoo You

A selection of tribal and Celtic designs, contact information and ...

Eddie's Tattoo Page

Features an image gallery; submissions accepted, as well as removal ...

Tattooing and Anarchy by Cherry Cola

An artist explores her world of eleven years of tattooing ...

Body Modifications By Matthew Ricci

This site shares a short artists' biography, photographs of his ...

Tribal Tattooing by Rori.

Custom designed contemporary tribal artwork portfolio, news section pertaining to ...

Tat of the Month

Features a gallery of adorned celebrities as well as submitted ...

Jon Reed Tattooer

Offers images of previously done work in traditional style as ...

Dog Tattoo

Narrative and photographic account of a first tattoo and the ...

Zack's Art

Galleries of artwork and tattoos by Minneapolis tattooer Zack Kinsey. ...


Artist background information and availability, image galleries, and flash.

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Andrew Moore Art

Custom designs, a paintings and drawing section, artist profile, and ...


Thumbnail gallery of finished works, location details, flash section, and ...

Tattoo Artist Russell Parish

Gallery featuring the work of Russell Parish, as well as ...

Talon Studio Tattoo

Featuring a portfolio of previous works by Raya, as well ...

Lil Joe

Thailand based artist with a gallery of previous works, aftercare ...

Catt's Cats and Tats

Pictures of an almost-complete body suit.

Yatush Art & Tattoo Site

A portfolio of bodyart, paintings, photography, sculptures, drawings and flash.

Oktober's Tattoos

Stories and pictures of tattoos collected since 1993, features stages ...

Permanent Dedications

Features tattoos inspired by music, bands and lyrics.

Personal homepage with large collection of tattoo flashes.

Dan Hazelton Tattooing

Bio, flash, photos, information about conventions.

Cecelia Tattoo

Portfolio of work, contact information and bio.


Features galleries of animal, symbol, stipple, dragon tattoos.

Pluto's World Friendship Tour

A description of a seven year trip around the world ...

Shads Art

Gallery, appointment information, artist biography, and contact information.

Eddie Yeary

Completely bonkers and people let me put tattoo ink on ...

Adam Sky Tattoos

Artist at Sacred Heart Tattoo studio. Portfolio, profile, contact information. ...

Wendy Vigo - Cyberfolio

Collection of artwork and tribal tattoo designs.

Tatoos Tattos

Humorous look at tattoos.