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Jive Magazine: Paradise Kiss

A review of the manga.

Tasting Paradise

Character, plot, and artist information, analysis of potential relationships, pages ...

Comics2Film: Parasyte

A report on the in-progress movie adaptation of the manga.

Dan's Parasyte Syte

Story overview, character biographies, message forum, and links.

Bleed Me Dry...A PARASYTE Shrine

Images, character bios, and links.

Peach Girl by Miwa Ueda

Manga scans with translations.

Just Peachy

Character profiles, fan art, images, wallpaper, and links.

Crystal Tokyo Peach Girl

Character profiles, scans, and story summary.

The Peachy Adoption Center

Adoptions, images, how to join, and member list.

Peachy R Us

Web ring with HTML fragment, rules, and how to join.

Peach Girl Resource

Character profiles, images, wall papers, and links.

Yahoo! Groups: peachgirl2

Discussions, pictures, and links.

Peach Paradise

Character profiles and image gallery.

Peaches & Creme

Story information, character profiles, online games, wallpaper, and custom site ...

Candied Peaches

Character profiles, fan art, personality quiz, and humor.

Peach e Fuzzness

Summaries, image galleries, character profiles, and fan art.

Feelin' Peachy Keen

Summaries, biographies, images, news, artist information, unusual merchandise, and fan ...

Sae's World

Summary, character profiles, and images.

Peach Girl HQ

Character profiles, story introduction, and images.


Character profiles and analysis, artbook image gallery, and icons.

Shoojee's Jap Anime: Pitaten

Character profiles, image gallery, and translations.


Manga summaries, character profiles, image gallery, song lyrics, and review.

The Third World

Character profiles, manga summaries, universe explanation, and gallery.

Planet Ladder

Introduction, characters, universe, and story summaries.

The Ananai

Character profiles, worlds and maps of their relations, weapon descriptions, ...

Animec's Please Save My Earth Page

Translations of Shion's story and the last three volumes. Priest Volume 2

In this second volume, Isaacs confronts the first of Temozarella's ... Priest Volume 1

What is it about the American Wild West and the ...

Powell's Books: Priest: Volume 5

Set in a futuristic 19th Century America, Priest tells the ...

SF Signal Review: Priest by Min-Woo Hyung

Father Ivan Isaacs unwittingly opened the box that had held ...

Wikipedia: Priest

Offers story, characters and plot ending details for volumes 1 ...

Comics-N-Manga: Priest Min-Woo Hyung Manhwa Korean

Tokyopop deserves much praise for going beyond the normal Japanese ...

Spirituality In Comics: The Religion of Priest

The explicitly religious series features a Catholic priest and contemplations ...

Raymond Swanland Gallery

Image portfolio by the artist who created the covers for ...

Hollow Life

Provides character background on Ivan Isaacs, the protagonist in "Priest" ...

St. Baldlas

Priest manga fansite includes links, gallery and a message board.

Min-Woo Hyung's Tokyo Pop Priest Graphic Novel Hitting Theaters

With a close resemblences to Garth Ennis Preacher, this is ...

Wataru Yoshizumi's Quartet Game

Story synopsis, character profiles, and images.

Gigei's RG Veda Page

Introduction, character profiles, Gigei shrine, quotes, image galleries, fan fiction, ...

RG Veda FAQ Online

General and specific information regarding the series.