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Manga Sites


Heart of a Shinobi

Shrine to Sasuke and Sakura with character profiles, information and ...


Shrine to Gaara with character information.

Love's Graveyard

Shrine to Gaara with character profiles, manga's summary, fan-fiction, doujinshi ...

Freaky eye

Shrine to Kakashi with information about character and manga, images, ...

Shy Girl

Hyuga Hinata shrine, with character information, image gallery, and fan ...

Shinobi Addiction

Shrine to the Kakashi and Iruka pairing. Information, fan works, ...


A Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke site. Character histories and ...


Site dedicated mostly to team 8 and 10 with doujinshi ...

Surpassing Genius

Tribute to Rock Lee. Overview of the series, images, icons, ...


Shrine to Haruno Sakura with manga and character information, and ...


A site dedicated to Haruno Sakura, with character summary, anime ...

Crimson Shade // Uchiha Sasuke

A detailed site with essays, character information, series summaries and ...

Hitomi wo Koete

Sasuke and Hinata shrine. information, gallery, fan fictions and fanarts ...

Hyper Go

Fan art with adoption.

The Game of Death

Character descriptions, story, fan art, fun stuff and links. Kaze no Tani no Naushika

Story summary, information on various published versions, cover scans, comparison ...

Nausicaa material in "Natural Wonders"

College course lecture on the manga as literature. Includes an ...

EX: Review: Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind

Review of the manga with images and buying information.

Comic Box: Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind

Miyazaki interview, analysis of Nausicaš's world, retrospectives of complete series, ...

The Valley of Wind

Synopsis, characters, geography, cover gallery, articles, and links.

Project Omanga: Neji

Introduction and complete manga scans with translations.

Image Garden: Never Give Up!

Summary, character profiles, and image gallery.

Never Give Up!

Summary and translations.

Ninja High School

Forum dedicated to the series. NOiSE

Scans with mouseover translations from the official Kodansha site in ...

Project Omanga: Noise

Introduction and complete scans with translations.

Animefringe: Reviews - Nothing But Loving You

Review and release information.

Destination Paradise

Lots of information both on manga and anime series, fan ...


Introduction, author, episode list, quotes, fan section, and multimedia.

Codename: Prince

Character shrine to Sanji, aka Mr. Prince. Includes information, images, ... - One Piece

Review, character guide.

PQ Angels Homepage

General information, character guide, manga summaries, images and links.

PQ Angels Kawaii Realm

Character profiles, translations, introduction, personal opinion, images and links.

PQ Tenshi

Story information, character profiles, links and Naoko Takeuchi shrine.

Hotaru_2's PQ Angels Page

General information, images and links.

Wicked Cool Weird: PQ Angels

General information and a few images.

PQ Angels

Introduction, character profiles, images, background information and links.

Fuiren: PQ Angel Role Play

General information, characters available, rules and links.

Paradise Kiss

Introduction, gallery, quotes, and links.

Beads & Lace

Synopsis, character profiles, volume summaries, image gallery sorted by character, ...