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Manga Sites


Yume no Naka e

Summary, manga translation, and images.

Lawful Drug

Short review with images.

Substance Abuse

Introduction, characters, item guide, publication information, crossovers, and links.


Introduction, manga summaries and scans, and illustrations.

The Basara Temple

Characters, manga summaries, fan fiction, and fan art. Basara

Summary and translations.

Independent Zelda

A collection of fan made comics based on the Zelda ...

The Living Game

Images, mailing list, synopses, translations, MP3s, and creator information.

Dark Horse Comics: Lone Wolf and Cub

Introduction, preview, and related titles.

Kimi Sae Ireba

Story summary, characters, images, wallpapers, music, and links.

Love Witch

Chapter translations of the manga.

Love Witch

Gallery, articles, story, and characters.

Image Garden : Loveless

Story summary, translations, and volume information.

Desperate Love Songs

Introduction, gallery, and links.

Fate: A Loveless Fansite

Gallery, media, summary, fan art, cosplay, and links. MARS

Kodansha's official English page for the series, with manga information, ... MARS Gaiden: Namae no nai Uma

A page about the prequel to MARS, "Namae no nai ...


Character descriptions, Japanese manga covers, and merchandise information. Multiple Personality Detective PSYCHO

Summary, review, and images from the manga.

Project Omanga: MPD Psycho

Introduction and manga scans with translations of volumes 1-5.

Where is My Mind?

Gallery, characters, essays, and links.

The Battle for Cephiro

Images from the manga separated by character and season.

The Animearchive: Marionette Generation

Index of thumbnailed images.


Translations, character profiles, manga scans, fan fiction, and fan art.

Pearl Song

Introduction, story arcs, characters, buying guide, features, text translations, fortunes, ...

Mermaid's Flesh

Summaries and characters from the Mermaid Saga complete with character ...

The Marchen Prince

A LiveJournal community for the series.

Mintna Bokura Small Page

Character profiles, summaries, images, fan art, opinions, Winamp skins, links.

Mintna Bokura Manga

Synopses, images, translations, fan art.

Keichan's Mintna Bokura Homepage

Storyline, images, chat, poll, free email address, links.

Miracle Girls

Synopsis illustrated with manga images.

The Naruto Page

Story information, character profiles, fan art, and wallpaper.

Crazy sunshine

Fan arts, oekaki, doujinshi, fan-fiction, manga information and links.

Naruto Chaos

Episode guide, manga guide, encyclopedia, game guide, techniques, downloads, art, ...

Naruto Fever

Contains Naruto flash games, personality tests, information on the cultural ...

Small Lily

A collection of hosted fan sites for the manga.

Naruto Island

Indepth information and episode guide, screenshots, games, fanart, and related ... - Naruto

A detailed episode guide for Naruto, with titles for TV ...


Detailed information on all parts of the manga and anime, ...

Naruto Bunshin

Resource for all episodes of the naruto anime and manga. ...