Friday, 28 October, 2016

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Noctivagus: Wandering by Night

Free online Yaoi manga about the quest of one young ...

International Manga Association

The International Manga Association (I.M.A.) is an independent association created ...

Paradise Manga

Paradise Manga, Manga, Comics community by mangaka Hikaru Kootei. you ...

DP studio

Hi. My name is Daniel Carrizo and I am from ...

Friday 4Koma

Omake Theater is a unique collection of parody animations and ...

Read Fun Manga !

Read Fun Manga is the new hideout of tons of ...

9Panels: Read Free Manga Online!

9Panels is a site and a community bringing together anyone ...

World's Worst Manga Translations

Text-only translations of the manga, in script format.

Unfinished Concerto

Doujinshi scans, fan art, fan fiction, cosplay images, and shrine ...

Animefringe: Features: Happy Mania

Article about the manga.

Eleventh Hour

Fan art, manga scans, message board, oekaki, and humor.

Nocturnal Revelation

Galleries of scanned images, as well as name spellings.

Yahoo Groups: Hikaru_No_Go

Mailing list with discussions of the series and image galleries. ...

Hikago Translation

Text translations for several chapters.

Taikyoku Shiou ze

Character profiles, text translations, and image gallery.


Doujinshi scan translations, fan art, and fan fiction.

Holy Encounter

Character guide, chapter summaries, manga scans, artwork evolution, and web ...

Project Omanga: Himiko-Den

Introduction, scans, and translation of the first volume.

Emily's Random Shoujo Manga Page: Hot Gimmick

Review of the first volume of the manga.

Hot Gimmick

Manga overview and information, characters, synopsis, gallery, English release information, ...

Deviant Art: Hot-Gimmick

Fan art and tag board.

Boys and Princes: Hot Gimmick

Translations, gallery, wallpapers, and sound clips from the drama CD.

Hot Gimmick: Neighbors in love

A livejournal community for the series. Discussion, scans, and translations.

Comics Worth Reading - Hot Gimmick: Recommended Series

Review of the series.


General information, chapter summaries, and fan art.

KK-chan's Hunter X Hunter Page

Story summary, character profiles, and image gallery.

Hunter X Hunter Mailing List

Discussions of the series. Archives and image gallery for members ...

Scarlet Prayer

Shrine to Kurapika, with profile, fashions, nen, friends and foes, ...

Hunter X Hunter 2020

Characters, nen, hunter exam, maps, manga summaries, image gallery, and ...

The I''s Gallery

Images sorted by genre, covers, black and white and color. ...

Masakazu Katsura Manga Girls

Wallpaper featuring characters from the series.

Review: I.N.V.U., by Lianne

Review and analysis of the title.

Meio Academy: Imadoki

Character profiles, images, message board, links, and where to buy ...

Imadoki 2000

Fan art, club, images, icons, and links.

Doki Doki Imadoki Site

Introduction, character profiles, translations, and links.

Imadoki Revolution

Translations, story line, character profiles, fan art, fan fiction, adoptions, ...


Introduction, synopsis, character profiles, images, and links.

Inu Yasha Gallery

Color and black and white scans, fan art, and links.

Demon's Enclave

Text translations and links.

Into the Demon's Lair

Image gallery, fan art and fiction, interactive games, information and ...