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News and reviews covering movies, music, news, politics, and videos.

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Entertainment World

Movies, music and TV industry headlines, festival information, film reviews, ...

iVillage Entertainment

News and commentary on television, movies, music, books, and celebrities. ...

Mediabox 101

Covers movies, music, and videogames. Includes forums and downloads.

Fast Forward Magazine

Articles, interviews, and reviews focusing on music, film, style, and ...

Television Asia

Regional trade publication covering program production, terrestrial television broadcasters, cable ...

Candy for Bad Children

Features interviews with bands and musicians, CD reviews, and film ...

Utter Trash

Underground entertainment in northeast Ohio and beyond, including music (metal, ...

Otaku eZine

Focuses on dance-music culture, media, the Internet, and multimedia.


Provides daily information on movies, TV, celebrities, and music.

Ukula: Underground Lifestyle Access

Focuses on books, music, films, and travel in London, Toronto, ...


Covers television, film, radio, music, and games. Includes message boards, ...


Brief reviews, news articles and interviews concerning music, movies, and ...

Famed Trash

Source for breaking entertainment news, celebrity scoops, and current gossip.

Positive Energy Of Madness

Features from interviews and reviews on music and films, as ...

BBC News: Entertainment

News and features about music, film, arts, TV and radio, ...

Movies and More

Journalist Dan Webster reviews and covers gossip about movies, books ...

AOL News - Entertainment

Provides the latest entertainment news on movies, music, television and ...

CBS News: Entertainment

Features stories, headlines, videos, and celebrity photo galleries.

CNN: Entertainment

Features articles, headline news, columns, videos, and blogs.

FOX News: Entertainment News

Celebrity gossip, fashion, travel, lifestyle, and arts and entertainment news ...

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MSNBC: Entertainment and Celebrity News

Headlines, reviews, feature articles, videos, and slide shows.

Google News: Entertainment

Aggregated articles and headline news.

Houston Chronicle: Entertainment News

Local, state, national and international headlines, feature articles, blogs, events, ...

Los Angeles Times: Entertainment News

Headline news, feature articles, photographs, blogs, critics and columnists from ...

New Zealand Herald: Entertainment News and Reviews

National and international headlines, feature stories, and special reports.

News.com.au: Entertainment News

Australian and international headline news, feature articles, special reports, and ...

SFGate: Entertainment News

News, special reports, blogs, columnists, events, and articles from the ...

Sky News: Showbiz

Headline news, feature articles, gossip, photographs, and movie reviews.

Yahoo! News - Entertainment

Headline links from various news sources about the arts, stage, ...

The Lonesome Road

Offers reviews of movies, computer games, and books. Includes short ...


Daily news, interviews, and editorials about digital tools and emerging ...


Weekly guide to entertainment on the Web, organized by category.


Coverage of show-business daily. Offers headlines, statistics, and reviews, columnists, ...

Vibe Magazine

Covers hip hop/urban culture with a focus on music. Articles, ...

Rollingstone Magazine

Online Version of Rolling Stone Magazine which includes: music reviews, ...

UK Fusion

Music and movie reviews, articles, and message board.

Twelveteen Magazine

Interviews, concert reviews and humor from author of "How To ...


News, links, wireless fashion updates, and online games.

Lost At Sea

Movies, music, books, features, documentaries, contests, and free prizes.