Friday, 22 June, 2018

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Journals Sites


My Dear Diary

Hosts free, personal, anonymous diaries.


A service for journals and blogs, that also offers privacy ...

My Personal Diary

Hosts diaries which are text only. Gives users the ability ...

Dream Journal

Create and customize your own dream journal. Keep track of ...

Blurty Journals

Community site designed for adults, based on livejournal source code. ...

The RITRO Diaries

Free service, with personalized calendar and search feature for current ...

Digital Expressions

Community oriented diary site that offers public and private diaries.


Journaling community hosting personal, customizable journals. Based on Livejournal source ...

My Life

Features include email notification, images, moods, comments.

GreatestCities Journals

Free and unlimited photo sharing of travel and city photos. ...


Free online diary host.

Free online journals. Color and template styles choices, reader comments, ...

My Own Journal

Basic account offers text based entries and a friends list. ...


Free LiveJournal clone with additions such as private messages, notifications, ...

Journal Home

Provides you with hosting space creating, editing, managing, and authoring ...

Adviser Journal

Offers personal journals for lawyers, auditors, web-designers, SEO-specialists (Russia, Ukraine ...


A wireless photo weblog and entertainment website for users of ...


Host your own private or public travel diary. Features email ...


Mychain offers dating personals, online journals, photo albums and groups.


It is online diary community. Entries can be public, private ...


Journal source, similar to LiveJournal.


Service provides personalized website address, private messages, and privacy passcodes.


Free, online diary service.

The Journal Community

Offers free journaling accounts. Customizable with pictures, text, some scripts.

Resembles a day planner with calendar view.

About My Life

Customizable journals including pictures. Blogs can be categorized by interest ...

Talk 'n Jot

Create and customize an own online journal. Comments on other ...


A journal/ weblog community with a strong focus on quality ...

On Display

For those who consciously choose to put themselves and their ...


Experimental journals that push the envelope by using words, photos, ...

JohnDoe Neighborhood

Journals hosted on the domain.


For online writers who care about proper spelling in their ...

Filipina Woman

Webring for personal sites and journals created by Filipinas.


His journal.

If, A Modern Teenager

The writer's journal.


Personal reflective writings on life, death and the things that ...

Innocence and Wisdom

Diary of a quarter-life crisis victim.

It's the end of the world as we know it

Liz' home to nothingness.

I Hate Graduate School

The rants of a young woman who has come to ...

Jimski's Last Journal

Online diary showcasing the personal life and journal writing of ...