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Artchive: Odilon Redon

Biography and list of images.

Odilon Redon

Presenting works and biography.

NCAW - Redon, Odilon

Barbara Larson's scholarly article Evolution and Degeneration in the Early ...

CGFA: Redon

Archive of paintings and biography.

The Athenaeum - Displaying artworks for Robert Lewis Reid

Works, sorted by title, in alphabetical order.

ARC - Robert Reid (1862-1929)

Collection of images of the artist's works.

RH Love Galleries - Reid, Robert

Biography and painting for the American impressionist and muralist.

Treasures to Go - Robert Reid (1862–1929)

Brief biography and sample paintings of the youngest member of ...

Art Gallery of Rembrandt's Paintings

A selection of Rembrandt's most famous prints and paintings.

Artcyclopedia: Rembrandt van Rijn

Guide to 50 art museum sites and image archives with ...

WebMuseum: Rembrandt

Short biography of the greatest artist of the Dutch school.

Olga's Gallery of Rembrandt

Collection with almost 200 images of Rembrandt's works, basic historical ...

Rembrandt Myself

An exhibit of Rembrandt's self portraits which traces the development ...

CFGA: Rembrandt

Image archive with over 30 of Rembrandt's paintings and prints ...

Connecticut College's Wetmore Collection: Rembrandt Etchings

Online archive of selected artist's etchings.

MSN Learning & Research: Rembrandt

Encyclopedia article provides a brief overview of the painter's life ...

Het Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam

This museum is located in the house where Rembrandt lived ...

Rembrandt Prints

Discusses prints, drawings, and etchings with a brief biography and ...


Comprehensive overview of the life and art Rembrandt with more ...

Abraham Entertaining the Angels

A multi-page study of one of Rembrandt's finest etchings, "Abraham ...

Rembrandt's Late Religious Portraits

An elegant special-feature about Rembrandt's late religious portraits by the ...

Web Gallery of Art: Rembrandt

Image gallery of artist's paintings and drawings.

Amsterdam Rijksmuseum: The Night Watch

Article explains what makes Rembrandt's Night Watch so special.

Rembrandt at the Worldwide Art Gallery

A brief biography and chronology as well as a selection ...

Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Olga's Gallery

Comprehensive collection of the images of Renoir's works with biography ...

WebMuseum: Renoir, Pierre-Auguste

Article on the artist and collection of paintings of the ...

Metropolitan Museum of Art - Renoir

Entire collection of Renoir paintings at Met with notes on ...

The Luncheon of the Boating Party

The story behind the masterpiece from the Phillips Collection.

Renoir's Palette of Beauty and Sunshine

Article from the Christian Science Monitor about Renoir's portraits.

National Gallery of Art - Renoir

The complete Renoir collection with notes on all 48 works.

Heart's Ease: Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Biography, representative works and suggested further resources for Impressionist painter.

Artchive: Pierre Auguste Renoir

Short biography of the artist and an image gallery containing ...

Artcyclopedia: Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Guide to art museum sites and image archives where Renoir's ...

Auguste Renoir Gallery

Offering photos of his paintings, as well as a biography ...

A Certain Slant of Light

Article from Slate Magazine about Renoir's use of light and ...

The Worldwide Art Gallery: Pierre Auguste Renoir

Biography and image collection of this prolific French Impressionist.

ARC Articles - Repin, Shiskin and Kramskoi

Article about the famous Russian painters of the XIX century ...

Artcyclopedia: Iliya Repin on the Internet

Links to artist's works in art museum sites and image ...

Elias Repin -- Master Painter From Ukraine

Artist's biography and a collection of images.

Olga's Gallery: Ilya Repin

Comprehensive collection of artist's works with a biography and historical ...