Tuesday, 25 October, 2016

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Wildcrafting Sites

B and T World Seeds

Wildcrafting. Be sensitive if you are collecting plants or seeds ...

Wildcrafting Ethics

Wildcrafting Checklist and other resources by Howie Brounstein.

Neil Thwaites - The Corn Dolly Man

A tribute to a well loved man who inspired many ...

NativeTech - Making a Bark Canoe

How to make a model birchbark canoe. Describes two designs, ...


Information about feathers. Links, products, and history.

Kleinschalig Egg Show

Image galleries of eggs exhibited at the annual egg-show in ...

R. G. Rustics

A gallery of Adirondack style birch bark and twig signs, ...

Mooswah Antler Art

The antler art image gallery and bio of Dieter Flammenspeck ...

Wildcrafting With Ila Hatter

An interpretive naturalist. Includes folklore of the Native American Cherokee ...

Ethical Wildcrafting

Ethical guidelines for wildcrafting of native plants of the southwest.