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The Continuity Pages: Transformers

A study by Julian Darius of all Transformers comics, including ...


Home to the semi-annual UK Transformers convention.

Auto Assembly

Annual UK Transformers collectors convention.

Cybercon Expo

Annual 1-day collector's fair and convention for U.S. East Coast ...

Canada's annual Transformers convention.


Australia Transformers convention in development. Mini-event to take place at ...

BotCon Online

Annual convention dedicated to The Transformers by Hasbro, Inc.

Rework's Transformers Page

Includes photo reports from BotCon 1997-2001 and Transcon II, mostly ...

Fred's BotCon Experience

Fan page with commentary on the 1998 through 2001 conventions. ...

Autobots Transform and Roll out

Sound room (WAV format), image gallery (including one of Optimus ...

Transformers FTP site

Images, sounds and text from many aspects of the Transformers ...

Transformer World 2005

Graphics-intensive multimedia site with information on every series: Generation 1 ...

Transformers news and information, screen captures galore, message board, episode ...

Kiro's Secure Decepticon Kreations Workshop

Personal page with tech specs and recommended links.

Cold Hard Slag Productions

Transformers price guide, free e-mail, fan fiction, sounds, fan art, ...

Lukis Bros Transformers Collector Site

Collector site with pictures and reviews of all generations. Also ...

Rockman's TF RID page

Fan site with media and information from all generations, including ...

The Reformatted Transformers Station

Covers all Transformers series (US and Japanese) with pictures, information ...

The Spark: Transformers

Fan site with Beast Wars/Machines trivia, news, pictures, and downloads. ...

The Allspark

Community site (established 1999) covering all aspects of the hobby ...

Coverage of Transformers franchise toys, cartoons, movies, and comic books ...

Gay Transformers

Web blog from the viewpoint of a gay man.

The Transformers.Net

United Kingdom-based TF fansite with news, reviews, media, and release ...

Beast Wars Transformers at Living Dreams

Fan fiction, poetry, toy reviews, featured artwork and non-Transformers video ...

Transformers: Generation Lost

Fan Site detailing an in-development fan comic featuring the Transformers.

Transformers Icon of the Day

Fan-created character icons/avatars from a wide variety Transformers-related media.

Transformers: Cybertron Chronicles

TF Fansite with fan fiction, cast archives, and links.

OptiMoose's Homepage

Transformer/Beast Wars fan fiction archive.

Transformers Underground (TF UG)

Fan fiction archives and links. [Not Netscape compatible]

More Than Meets The Eye: A History of Cybertron

By Benjamin D. Hutchins. [] "An Advanced Cyberlife Studies Post-graduate ...

Cybertron Dreams

By Benjamin D. Hutchins. []

Primacron's Transformers Page

Fan fiction from different authors, as well as information on ...

The Black Sword

Song parodies and fan fiction written and performed by Túrin. ...


Cartoons, acticles, and diatribes.

Transformers: World's Worst

News, madlibs, fan fiction, daily screen grabs, links and other ...


Web comic spoof of Transformers.

Humorous Conclusions's Waste of Space

Web comics with Transformers and other toys.


Animated spoof combining Transformers, South Park, and Phil Collins.

Me Love Grimlock - Superdeformed Dinobots Homepage

Transformers-themed Macromedia Flash web cartoons and animation.

Transformers: Quantum Siege

Fan project developing a Transformers sidescrolling game for Windows.