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David Lau's Beast Wars Page

BW fan in Singapore, with news and information on the ...

The Beast Wars Ultimo Web Page

A unique look at the Beast Wars Universe, with news ...

Beast Wars Crossroads

Fan fiction, image gallery, polls, fan activity center, message board, ...

Beast Wars UK

Official UK site with GMTV schedule, competitions and monthly prize ...

Blackarachnia2's Home Page

Includes quotes, origins, pictures, and character profiles.

Altered States Magazine: Toys For Talkers: Christmas Comes Early

Chronicles the plan of Beast Wars fans to present the ...

Dave's Beast Wars Transformers Page

News, pictures, reviews, information on the toys and Japanese cartoons/toys, ...

Axalon Underground Beast Wars Club

Member information, introduction, and rpg details.

Beast Wars

Maximals and Predicons are welcome here.

Beast Wars 3

For Beast Wars/Beasties fans everywhere.

Beast Wars Club of Commerce

"The BW chat point."

Beast Wars Oasis

Pictures, information, and chat.

Beast Wars Toys and Show

Club of the best BW pictures and links.


Yahoo Groups mail community for Beast Wars: Transformers fans.

Blitz's Beast Wars Club

Member statistics, joining information, and instructions.

Hax Beast Wars Club

A place for Beast Wars fans can hang out.

Machine Wars Club

Recent messages, founder introduction, and membership information.

Optimus' Beast Wars Club

Joining instructions, recent message list, and founder information.

Rampage's Domain

Beast Wars/Machines and Transformer fan fiction, interactive stories, and the ...

Alternate Realities

Beast Wars fan fiction and information on the show.

Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes

Comedic Transformers fan fiction.

Beast Wars: The Virtual Seasons

Fan-written episodes taking Beast Wars into a Virtual Fourth Season ...


Beast Wars meets Pokémon. [Little content, but good for a ...

Ultimate RPG

Roleplaying game played out on message boards.

Bumblebee's Transformers Campaign

Information and resources dedicated to getting classic TFs back on ...

Transformers TV Campaign Guide

Here's a short collection of facts to know when organizing ...

General Transformers discussion board and official Beast Machines story editors ...

Transformers at TaMbaYaN

Discuss anything about the Transformers. From Generation 1, Beast Wars ...

The AllSpark

Forums hosted by CybertronOnline to discuss all aspects of Transformers. ... - Transformers Discussion Boards

Expansive online fan community discussing all aspects of Transformers: news, ...

Large, active online fan community for the Transformers franchise toys, ...

Cybertron Central

Transformers fans for the Old and New Generation.

Optimus Prime's Transformer Club

A place to complete your transformers collection.

Georgia Transfans

Club/discussion group for all Transformers fans living in Georgia.

Georgia Transformers Alliance

Hub for Transformers fans and collectors, located in Central Georgia.

The Cybertronian Conference

Greg Gaub's Transformers mailing list and discussion group.

Transformers Trading Post

Provide a place for Transformers fans to discuss, trade, sell, ...

Transformers Robots in Disguise

For fans of the classic 80's TV show.

TransMasters Fan Club

Listing of bulletin boards, and club logo.

The Nordic TransFans Association (NTFA)

Transformers fans club in the Nordic countries, with information on ...