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Kirby Morrow

IMDb page on the voice actor for Evolution's Cyclops. Includes ...

X-Men's Cyclops Talks

By Rob Allstetter. [ComicsContinuum] Interview with Kirby Morrow, the voice ...

Meghan Black

Guide to Meghan Black, Evolution's voice actor for Rogue. See ...

Scarlet Hexe

Focusing on the Scarlet Witch. Includes a character biography, "spell ...

Shades of Redd

Dedicated to Jean Grey from the hit cartoon series, X-Men: ...

Misled Outcasts

This unusually designed site focuses on Rogue and Nightcrawler and ...

Whispered Confession

This Rogue and Gambit site offers character information, downloads, a ...

A Demon's Eyes

Character profile and images of the X-Men:Evolution version of Nightcrawler.


This is a Nightcrawler site featuring a character biography, quotes, ...

Dark Shroud

Information on Evolution's Rogue, downloads of clips and sound bytes, ...

Code Name: Rogue

Learn about Rogue, download sights and sounds from the show, ...

GothTopic: X-Men Evolution's Rogue

Join this Yahoo Group to discuss Rogue, Meghan Black, and ...

Self Possessed

Includes quotes, episode appearances, plenty of images, trivia, character bios, ...

Lonely Goth Girl

Dedicated to Rogue and her voice actress, Meghan Black, this ...

Cryptic Darkness

The site offers a great deal of Rogue information and ...

X-Men Evolution RPG

Message board based role-playing game centered around the city of ...


Characters of X-Men Evolution cartoon as well as those the ...

Bayville Massachusetts RPG

This messageboard-based RPG includes the game, rules, news, applications and ...

The Future of Evolution

This messageboard-based RPG allows players to be series mutants or ...

Another Evolution

This X-men RPG functions on a message-board base.

X-Men: Evolution: Remixed

This message-board based RPG allows players' original characters to take ...

Shirt Tales Power Ring

Dedicated to those crime-fighting animals, the Shirt Tales.

Cartoon Webring

For any and all cartoon sites.

Sonic and Knuckles Ring

Listing of sites about the cartoon and video game.

Talespin Webring

Dedicated to the Disney animated series.

Tails Ring of Power

Dedicated to Sonic The Hedgehog sites.

Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon Webring

Dungeons and Dragons toon fan sites.

Cartoons of the Eighties

This Ring is for all sites dealing with cartoons that ...

Galaxy Rangers Webring

Devoted to the Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers cartoon series ...

Hyper Knuckles ring

Dedicated to all things Sonic The Hedgehog.

The Power Puff Girls Webring

A large webring, all about our favorite little superheroes.

Another Garfield Webring (Unofficial)

Listing of fan sites for the comic strip.

Snoopy and Peanuts Webring

Listing of sites about Charles Schulz's creations.

Sonic Fan and Fanfiction Webring

Over thirty sites devoted to Sonic the Hedgehog.

Amandatello's TMNT Lair

Contains profiles, fan fiction, fan art, and links.


News and information about the new TMNT cartoon, action figures, ...

Tinselcat's Starship

Contains TMNT fan fiction, fan art, and poetry.

Raphael's Ninja Turtle Domain

A TMNT flash site with an exclusive complete games section ...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Official site with information on Turtle toys, animation, and movies. ...

TMNT Fan Site

Contains fan art and information on the cartoons, movies, games, ...