Friday, 21 October, 2016

Art Directories

Multiple Media Artists Sites


Teeling, Norman

Irish Artist commissioned in 1998 to paint the "1916 Rising" ...

Taylor, Barbara

New Zealand artist who enjoys painting in oils using vibrant ...

Tsikoudakis, Stavros

Surealistic Greek art, paintings and sculptures.


Paintings and photographs in a unique and colourful style called ...

Throll, David

A collection of digital art, photography, oil paintings, and leather ...

Tolbert, Margaret Ross

An exhibition of abstract paintings in various media, and installations.

Thompson, Julie

Hand-painted feathers, 2D traditional, and 3D computer work on historic, ...

Tackitt, Josh

Portfolio of fractal art, 3D animation, and clay portrait sculpture.


Creator of watercolors and serigraphs. Provides a brief profile and ...

Tetrault, Richard

Artworks of a West Coast Canadian artist.

Thompson, Rodney

Creator of paintings, etchings and mixed-media artwork. Provides a list ...

Tallon, Melody

Works include painting, print-making, drawing and photography. Includes a profile, ...

Thompson, Trudy

American freelance artist/designer specializing in acrylic paintings and computer graphics.

Thomas, Vinu

Landscape renderings created using Terragen, and travel and location photography.


Chronoid - Time sculptures, furniture and virtual art pictures.

Trnski, Velimir

Presents his expressionistic paintings and drawings which combine figure study ...

Tiller, Lee Michael

Strongly colored paintings in a range of post-Impressionist styles, and ...

Tindall, Dana A. and Karen P.

Galleries of three dimensional multi-media and interactive works. Includes brief ...

Tchijov, Elena

Digital photographs of nature, cities, and flowers, pencil drawings, and ...

Tilbrook, Lois

Sculpture, paintings and etchings by this artist who is represented ...

Tohaneanu-Shields, Roxana

Romanian artist now based in the UK shows photographs and ...

Totonji, Huda

Self-portraits in oil and Arabic calligraphy by a Saudi-born student ...

Thomas, Heather

Mixed-media caricature works, customs signs and tattoos. Also features examples ...

Testi Paul, Luciano

Portfolio of layered computer graphics, photography and conceptual works.

Thompson, Terry

Art, fashion, music, and design.

Tomshinsky, Stanley

A retrospective of works from 1961 to 1999 that includes ...

Tinguy, Veronique de

Painter, art teacher, organizer of exhibitions worldwide.

Uglow, Tom

Multimedia designer working with illustrations, photography and mixed media painting. ...

Urquhart, Bonnie

Realistic horse drawings, paintings and photography and images of new ...

Valenti, Vito

Digital pictures and sculpture.

Vivar, Maluchi

Displays paintings, rugs, hand-painted furniture, and object-based art. [Flash]

Volchkova, Olga

Iconographer, restorer, painter, ceramicist and designer. Provides a biography, photos ...

Vogelsang, Barbara

Sculpture, installations, paintings.

Velazquez, Joseph E.

An exhibition and gallery of fine art oil paintings and ...

Vensel, Mike

Portfolio of abstract digital art, paintings, and photography.

Vega, Mercedes de la

Gallery of paintings, collages, and object based art.

Van Duyn, Caroly

Presents a portfolio of works prepared using modern software tools ...

Varon, Jennifer

Collection of expressionist portrait drawings, and symbolic Photoshop paintings.

Vanderlinden, An

Multimedia Belgian artist displaying abstract oil paintings, weekly updated sketches, ...

Venjar, Rune

Features paintings in oil, watercolors, oil pastels and black ink ...