Sunday, 23 October, 2016

Art Directories

Multiple Media Artists Sites


Sung, Ming Yi

The online portfolio of paintings, drawings, sculpture and installations done ...

Spark, Lucky

A personal collection of digital dioramas and photographs. Requires Flash.

Stine, Jon M.

Original sculpture, drawing, painting, and woodcuts.


Pencil sketches and digital artwork. Provides galleries, descriptions and photos.

Swinand, Susan

Art work, including paintings, watercolors and 3-dimensional works.

Smith, Isabel

Portfolio of illustrations, paintings, murals, calligraphy, and design.

Steckler, Len

Fine art images of paintings and photographs, displayed in seven ...

Smith, Andrea

Maui peace artist.

Szathmary, Kara

White Dwarf Studio - Canadian artist, non-representational space art, plus ...

Shucart, Evie

Oil and acrylic paintings, drawings and pastels; landscapes, figurative work, ...

Skenandore, Mattthew

Offers a portfolio of painting, sculpture, digital art, and film.

Sweeney, Shane

Basangkasa studio; original works in stone and glass, painting and ...

Sizelove, Jim

Includes art and furniture gallery.

Seitz, Georg

Paintings, illustrations and sculptures by the Austrian artist. Includes facts, ...

Stockbridge, Catharine

Vermont artist, works in a variety of media. Examples, clip-art, ...

Sparrow, Victor

Includes an on-line portfolio of paintings, asseblages, writings and collages. ...

Stura, Adriano

Site containing portraits, in oil, terracotta, carbon and sanguigna.

Saghir, Adel

A Virtual Gallery displaying over 50 years of artwork by ...

Seifert, Brita

Surreal landscapes, painted dreams, webdesign and every 8 weeks a ...

Smith, Dwight

A gallery of traditional and digital painting, construction/sculpture, and prints.

Sances, Jos

Creator of screenprinted posters, prints and wood sculptures. Provides a ...

Stevens, Joseph T.

Figurative and symbolic stone sculptures, and realistic oil paintings.

Scheer, Nancy

Exhibition of expressionist nude and portrait painting and drawing, as ...

Svensen, Jan

Portfolio of abstract paintings, and primitive prints. In Norwegian, English, ...

Sirianni, Ralph

Features paintings and drawings on war themes, and memorial monuments. ...

Sharpe, Michael

UK artist displays traditional and digital paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

Sivaraman, S.T.

Indian artist's portfolio of Rangoli paintings, animated GIFs, and photography.

Shorb, Bethany

Provides galleries of the Michigan-based artist's sculptures, installations and photos. ...

Sorrow, Casey

Offers paintings, drawings, lithography and illustrations. Includes an artist profile, ...

Santaella, Samara

Media include drawing, painting, sculpting and digital artwork. Includes related ...

Silber, Daniel

Mediums include drawings, paintings and 3D artwork. Provides a portfolio, ...

Szymczak, Andrzej

Graphic and poster design, silkscreen, lithography, painting, typography, and illustration. ...

Smarandache, Florentin

Photographer and experimental painter. Provides a small gallery of samples.

Snyder, Wayne

Gallery of traditional and digital paintings, and illustration.

Sutherland, Charles

Featuring computer generated art, drawings, photography, and journal.

Springstun, Eric A.

Portfolio of surreal figurative digital art and drawings.

Schopf, Fred

Portrait and landscape paintings in realist style, bronze sculpture, woodcarvings, ...

Stone, Susanna

Mixed media artist working in London and Devon. Textured paintings ...

Sottocasa, Giacomo

Featuring Bryce rendered computer graphics, and landscape photography.

Sesow, Matt

The latest paintings and short film works of contemporary American ...