Thursday, 19 April, 2018

Art Directories

Glass Sites


Kremer Glass Studio

Fused glass sculpture, bowls, and vessels of Martin Kremer. Gallery ...

Claudia Borella Glass Design

Gallery of contemporary fused Bullseye glass designs.

Anna Skibska

Gallery of recent and early works. Site also includes exhibits, ...

McDonagh and Wright Glass

Gallery of kiln formed, fused and cast glass. Links to ...

Twin Cedar Studio

Functional and sculptural kiln formed glass. List of representing galleries.

Glass Choices

Gallery of functional and non-functional fused glass. Information on fused ...

Beecham White Glass

Gallery of glass jewelry and sculpture by artists Gary and ...

Paul Tarlow - Kilnformed Glass

Gallery of work, artist profile, information on the kiln-forming process.

Juno Glass Art & Jewelry

Gallery of fused glass art, functional art and jewelry produced ...

Jane’s Fused Glass Designs

Classes in fused glass design and dichroic glass jewelry, in ...

Tivol Studios

Photographs of Jane Tivol's works and her profile.

Stone That Flows

Kiln-formed glass, using fine silver and bronze inclusions. Sculptural work, ...

Carol Carson Glass

Kiln formed fused glass paintings.

Craft Fusion

Gallery of contemporary handmade art glass including jewelry, functional art, ...

DecoVitro - Vitrofusin

Decorative and functional fused glass art.

Full Spectrum Design

Kiln-formed contemporary glass art and functional serving pieces by Valerie ...

Kim Merriman Art

Gallery of custom sculptures from fused glass and metals.

Brock Madison Glass

Specializing in handmade art glass vessel sinks, lighting fixtures, and ...

Glass Fusing Made Easy

Glass fusing instructions and information.

Dancing Light Fused Glass and Ceramic Studio

Gallery of custom-designed fused glass pieces by Donna and John ...

Shimmering Glass, LCC

Gallery of fused glass vases, plates, bowls, and jewelry.

John Bassett

Slumped and fused panels and sculptures using recycled bottle glass.

Alessandro and Roberto Moretti

A history of the famed Venetian glass made on the ...

Roman Glassmakers

Re-creations of early, ancient, Hellenistic and Roman glass vessels by ...

Pati Walton Designs

Biography, articles and gallery of abstract and detailed figurative beads.

Carol Marando

Offers handmade lampwork glass beads jewelry.

The Glass Beadle

Cassie Donlen, of the Glass Beadle, creates floral, abstract and ...

Tobler Glass Creations

Realistic lampworked glass beads depicting animals, crafted by Wendy Tobler.

Waimea Mist

A gallery of floral and sushi glass beads and jewelry ...

Kathy Perras

Showcases a gallery of contemporary beads and jewelry designed using ...

Jupiter Nielsen Flameworking

Flameworked borosilicate glass sculpture by Jupiter Nielsen, specializing in sea ...

Liliana Bead

Features sculpted, figurative lampworked beads, ornaments and various jewelry.

Becklin Bead Designs

A gallery of custom lampwork beaded bracelets.

Nar Glass Jewelry Design Studio

Completely original, creative and handmade glass beads and glass jewelry ...

Freeman, Peter

Works with lights. Neon, fibre optics and floodlighting.

Krypton Neon

Kenny Greenberg's online gallery of neon art also includes technical ...

Ehlenberger, Eric

Free-standing and wall mounted works in metal and various materials ...

Kraft Studio

Online gallery of contemporary neon art in public and private ...

Evening Neon

Includes photo gallery and information about rental neon art by ...

Museum of Neon Art

Exhibits, documents, and preserves contemporary fine art in electric media ...