Wednesday, 26 October, 2016

Art Directories

Web Sites

Features a collection of Flash cartoons including Mr. Soy, Annie ...

Blackmaze Productions

Offers galleries of Flash movies and games, emoticons and wallpaper ...

Sketchy Animation

An eclectic and irreverent collection of animations.


Animutations, cartoons and general tomfoolery.

Stick Torture

A collection of Flash animations featuring stickmen. Most of them ...

Cyber Virtual Worlds

Features 2D and 3D Flash films and animated strips.

Suite101: Learn Flash

Features monthly articles about development and design. Includes links.

Flash Text Effects

Offers tools for fonts, buttons and backgrounds.

I Want My Flash TV

Showcasing Flash-generated film shorts created by independent creators. Catalogues include ...

Submarine Channel

Features a collection of digital media. Includes Jonni Nitro, The ...

Watch animated movies with Bulbo in a variety of situations.

Sam the Dog

Sam and his fellow characters depict the good, evil and ...

The Adventures of Edward the Less

A SciFi Channel original series featuring comedic episodes set in ...

The Adventures of Kip the Dolphin

Monthly feature also stars Dollie and Pufster. Includes episodes, a ...

Cooking with Bigfoot

Features include archive of episodes, Happy Hour cartoon, how to ...

Calico Monkey

Flash based cartoons where the people are the pets.

Neurotically Yours

Official site for the independent gothic/humor title. With news, related ...


The online animated episodic adventures of a freedom fighter in ...

Strindberg & Helium

Animated stories of August Strindberg and his floaty friend, Helium.


An animated action/drama series about the ongoing adventures of zombie ...


Official site, with animations, games, e-cards, character profiles, merchandise information, ...

Duel in Ether

A fantasy series chronicling the clash between two master assassins.

The Old Man Show

Flash series about Fred and Frank, two old men.

Nigel and Trevor

The home of two British school boys who seem to ...

Nivan Animation Studios

Flash series featuring Costanza Falcon and the Dimwits.

Animated flash movies with strange animals.

Douggie Dinosaur

Flash series about an out-of-work cartoon dinosaur.

WTF Chuck

Flash series focusing on the trials and tribulations of Chuck, ...

The Killer

Flash series based on the French comic by Matz and ...

Valley Of The Cnuties

Eight part Flash animated series about The Cnuties on their ...

Hotel - An Interactive Comic

A surreal series that takes place in the anonymous space ...

Thinking Impaired

Flash animated series about eight boys and the mischief they ...

The Little Buzzers

The animated adventures of three colorful sprites.!

Home to the animated series Sheriff Benson and DeweyHigh! Also ...


Flash animated web cartoon about desert animals stuck with each ...

PoshLust Productions

Animated weblog of Loki the Cat from Hell.

Adopted By Aliens

Animated series about a 12 year old foster child adopted ...

Animated series featuring Blockhead.

Arcane Flash Resort

The Labyrinth Flash series dealing with the escape of Red.

Monsieur Gustave

A serial animated flash movie about a young French girl ...