Sunday, 23 October, 2016

Art Directories

Web Sites


Heads that Shine

The adventures of Oscar and Cesar, two crazy guys who ...

Flash animations, including the story of an arm with superhero ...


Animated cartoons featuring Polymorf characters.

Spizzkid Online

Home of the original cartoon strip featuring a rather chunkily ...

Terrorist Hideout

Features the humorous death of Osama bin Laden.

Digital Pigg

A Pigs adventures on the Internet. Features a collection of ...

Suicidal Balloon

Official site featuring a variety of animated cartoons, interactive content, ...

Features a gallery of Flash animations including Math, Grey and ...

Stick Page

Features a collection of games, movies, and the series "Xiao ...

Animation, absurdity and comedy from the UK by David Firth.

Features the adventures of Karl and his friends.

Stuff Animation

Showcasing a selection of Flash animations.

Angry Alien Productions

Animation by Jennifer Shiman, featuring the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Troupe ...

Wes Bay Films

Featuring the animated series The Little Guy, The Super Jeffie ...

Scooter's World

Flash animated musical greetings featuring a dog named Scooter.

Dog Trax

Home of Freakville, Maynard and Cleetus, Geriatric Skeet Shooting and ...

Detailed Scribbles

Hand-drawn cell animated comics include Castlevania, Metroid, and Final Fantasy ...

Fun In The Pub

Offers a collection of Flash cartoons set in a bar.

Abstract Weirdness

Collection of short, but weird flash animations made by Kristen ...

Allow to Infuse

Featured comics by Stefan J.H. van Dinther include The Newspaper ...

Detlef Surrey - Animations

Collection of short animated cartoons and holiday interactive comics.

Magic Butter, Inc

Animated cartoons and downloads of MP3s, desktop wallpapers, and icons.

Inspired by recent news stories about panda pornography being produced ...


Cartoons and Games by Phil Turk. Flash 6+ Required.

Animator vs. Animation

Animation of a symbol fighting against the Flash 8 IDE ...

Animator vs. Animation II

A symbol fighting elements of a Windows desktop. [Requires Flash]

Dilosh's Comic Characters

Original Comic Characters created by dilosh. Mi and Yav, Gobibo ...


why don't you just show up and find out? you ...

Mr Nice Cartoons

The satirical cartoon hero fighting the forces of modern rudeness..only ...

Rooster tales

Cartoons about history and culture.

The Martiks: Animate Your Projects!

Animate your Projects!

Lazy Cat Animations

Ten lazy cat animations created by DiniSink.

The Hood

Features include Private Eye Back, The Crash and X Flies. ...


A catalogue of animated cartoons, live action and concept photos.


Features original Flash cartoons about priests and stick figures.

Lilredhead Comics

Offers the mis-adventures of Mr. Binkee, Bubba, and Captain Pakaday.

Haunted House Dressing

Features the animated Flash cartoon Planet Pals, and two novels ...

Covenant Animation

Features the Outa Luck guys, Count Dashula and America's Domestic ...


Original short Flash cartoons and animations.

H2K Genesis

Series of animations modeled after the creator's dog.