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David Pochron's Secret of NIMH page

Cast information and MIDIs.

The Secret of NIMH petition

For a theatrical re-release of the film followed by a ...

The Magic of The Secret of NIMH

A retrospective look at the film.

Robin's NIMH Fan Fiction Archive

Updates, stories, artwork, submissions, forum and links.

The Secret of NIMH Archive

A collection of published articles and press releases about the ...

IMDb: The Secret of Nimh

Cast and crew list, summary, trivia, reviews and quotations.

Dreams of Flight - A Secret of NIMH site

Contains a story summary, image gallery, and downloads.

Thorn Valley: Simon's Secret of NIMH Site

Includes a large gallery of fan art and screengrabs, fan-fiction, ...

The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue

By Tennille Jensenon. "A saddening insult to the original". Includes ...

Apollo Movie Guide - The Secret of NIMH 2--Timmy to the Rescue Rescue

Review, links, and cast information.

Internet Movie Database

Cast and crew list and short reviews.

Dreamworks: Shark Tale

The official site for the dreamworks movie featuring the character ...

Yahoo Movies: Shark Tale

News, photos, trailers and reviews for the computer animated comedy.

IMDb: Shark Tale

Cast, crew, reviews, plot summary and links for the cgi ...

Rottentomatoes: Shark Tale

Reviews from the nation's top critics and audiences. Also includes ...

Apple trailers: Shark Tale

Trailers in various sizes for the dreamworks movie.

Future Movies: Shark Tale

Mixed review written by Matt McAllister including photographs [Accessible version ...

Wikipedia: Shark Tale

Encyclopedia article on the movie, including plot overview, voice cast, ... Review: 'Shark Tale' goes swimmingly

Relatively positive review of the movie.

Mooviees! - Shark Tale (2004)

Features photos, wallpapers, trailers, review links, cast overview, synopsis and ...

Suite 101: Shark Tale stereotypes troubling: CNYU Professor

Sociology professor Dr. Jerome Krase examines the need for "a ...

Fidelio's Film Central: Shark Tale

Review called "As Thin as a Shark’s Fin: Dreamworks' Animation ... Shark Tale

Movie information, reviews and links to other resources. Shark Tale

Original free wallpapers (1024x768 and 800x600).

HARO Online: Shark Tale

Review of the movie.

Movie Forums: Shark Tale

Chris Bowyer gives the film 3 out of 5 stars.


Official PDI/DreamWorks SKG website of this feature-length 3D animated film. ...

Digital Media FX: Shrek

Information resource with news, reviews, feature articles and interview, pictures, ...

Countingdown to Shrek

Movie review, viewer comments, media coverage, information and links. - Shrek

Movie review by Luc-Rock Paquin.

Allscifi Review - Shrek

Analytical review of the plot, setting, theme, and structure of ...

Yahoo Movies: Shrek

Cast and plot information, release dates, and review commentary. - Shrek

Cast and credits information.

Scorereviews: Shrek

Soundtrack review with cover art, track list and user comments.

Rotten Tomatoes: Shrek

Reviews, links, synopsis, cast and crew, photos, and trailer.

Synopsis, review, and trailer.

TheWorldJournal: Shrek

Film information, rating and review by Giancarlo De Lisi.

Voicing Shrek

By Joe Tracy. [Digital Media FX] A Look at the ...

The Making of Shrek

By Iain Blair. [Digital Animators] Includes quotes from Shrek producer ...

HARO Online

Haro reviews the movie.