Monday, 24 October, 2016

Art Directories

Object-Based Art Sites


Turtle Feathers

Leather paint supplies, gourd crafting supplies and tutorials. Award winning ...

Precious Egg - Decorative Egg Artistry

My interest in decorative eggs started as a young child ...

Mira Mickler Moss Contemporary Fine Art Gourds

Mira Mickler Moss Contemporary Fine Art Gourds

The foundation for my ...

The Woodbury Gourd lady

Gourd artwork by J. Blackwell. Includes links to valuable gourd ...

Hyde, James

Painted plastic, fabric, concrete, styro-foam, and glass objects, and photography.

Trezevant, Peg

Exhibits paintings-sculptures-objects, all in one.

Draeger Unusual Art

Three dimensional wall sculptures, furniture, murals and paintings by Steve ...

Yamarone, Robert

Creates figurines of people and pets, using food.

Reality Hacking

Unusual art taking advantage of the real world.

Ferber, Chad

Painted objects, made of cardboard, plaster, and paper.

Tin Man

Kenny and Michele Hoff salvage antique tin ceiling tiles from ...

Bravo, Joe

Latino paintings on torillas. Includes biography, images of paintings, murals, ...

Eggstatic Creations by Jilly

This artist shares some of her works, and inspires novice ...

Carol's Art Treasures

Eggshell jewelry featuring Swarovski crystal, supplies, and decorated designs for ...

Egg Art Pure

The works of Chieko Inoue who teaches egg art in ...

Authentic Egg Artistry by Darlene

Collectible original art in versatile designs to include carved, cut, ...

Art of Elegant Eggs Ring

Web ring for egg artists.

Eggs by Aline Becker

Kats Korner presents the work of well-known artist who passed ...

Egg Art Belgium

Egg painting and other art pieces. Exhibitions.

International Egg Art Guild

IEAG is a non-profit association of artists, artisans, and craftspeople ...


Ornaments made from chicken eggs that have been cut, painted, ...

Perfect Egg Creations

Three dimensional carved emu and ostrich shell creations.

Heirloom Eggs

Jewelry boxes made from goose and hen eggs.

Decorated Eggs

Designs in many styles and varieties by multiple artists.

Jane's Egg Art

Photographs of decorated designs by Jane Crawley.

The Faberge Experience: Art and History

Biography of Peter Carl Faberge, brief Russian history, and an ...

Polymer Clay

Carved and decorated eggshell creations using a variety of materials ...

Watercolor Eggs

Hand-painted designs depicting nature by Patti Gee.


International egg art from all around the world.

Eggstasy Creations

A wide variety of eggshell designs by Tina Munsford. Decorating ...

Hobbit Hollow Egg Art and Ostrich Farm

Ostrich shell jewelry boxes and eggery supplies. Instructions for vinegar ...

Artistic Handicraft of Alicja Zemelka

Photographs of hand-painted eggs (pysanky) and wooden boxes.

Egg Art by Peggy Vincent

A wide variety of unique cut designs inspired by the ...

Farha's Gallery of Decorated Eggs

Ostrich, emu, rhea, goose and chicken eggs by Farha Sayeed.

Eggs For Africa

Features original hand-painted animal portraits on ostrich eggs created by ...

The Elegant Ostrich

Faux-Faberge eggs created by California artist Lynne De Boer with ...

Gourd Art Galleries

Gourd art by Deborah Easley. Styles ranging from oriental to ...

BAM Gourd Craft

Original gourd designs using woodburning techniques, leather dyes, suede, beads. ...

Lorna's Gourds

Decorative birdhouse gourds painted to resemble lighthouses, flowers and birds. ...

Margaret's Gourds

Gourd Art in a variety of techniques including pyro-engraving, coiling, ...