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Cecil Sharp in America

Article about his tour collecting Appalachian folk music.

Till Family Rock Band

Brief illustrated history of late-19th-century "rock band" (playing on stone ...

Spanish-Language Social Music of Southern California

Article about the preservation of the music and dances of ...

The Alleghanians

Full-text biography of the vocal group.

Buglers in the Civil War

Article by a bugler active in reenactments.

Civil War Music Site

A source for civil war songs, fife and drum music, ...

The Civil War Music Store

Online merchant sells recordings and lyrics of Civil War Songs.

5th Michigan Regiment band

History and free music samples of their authentic Civil War ...

Songs of the Civil War

A compilation of lyrics.

The Civil War Fife and Drum Page

Includes music, photographs, instrument information, schedules of daily bugle calls, ...

Olde Towne Brass Home Page

Alabama based. Member biographies and photos, schedule, recordings and a ...

Americus Brass Band

Provides music and history from the Confederacy.

2nd South Carolina String Band

Includes band information, discography, performance calendar (mostly in the Chesapeake ...

33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band

Living history band recreating the original Civil War band that ...

46th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Band (The Logan Guard)

Dedicated to remembering the musicians that entertained the troops and ...

History of Modern Day Music at Music Manna

Brief notes on jazz, musicals, and pop/rock.

Oldies Music Calendar

Information on births, deaths and events in pop music from ...

The Belgian Pop and Rock Archives

The history of Belgian pop and rock with over 170 ...

Remember A Day

History of American music festivals (up to 1989), including Monterey ...

History of Banned Music in the United States

Anecdotes about music censorship, dating to the 1950s and sorted ...

Fifties Forever

A light look at the music, movies, TV and cars ...

History of CBGB

Brief history of the club that promotes underground music.

Brief History of Dub Music

Essay with references and links.

Yu-Mex: Mexican Music in Fifties Yugoslavia

Includes background, performers, song lyrics and MP3s.

The NPR 100

The one hundred most important American musical works of the ...

List of Songs 1950-2000

A list of songs grouped by decade from 1950-2000 in ...

Pioneer Troubadours

Reality show series of musicians on the road discussing music ...

The Scarlatti Project

Researching and recordings of the vocal and keyboard music of ...

Baroque Aria

Dedicated to the operatic, cantata, oratorio, serenta and drama arias, ...

The Baroque Cantata

Devoted to the baroque cantata repertoire (17th century and 18th ...


[fan site] Brief introduction to the music, major composers, woodwind ...

Music of the Augustan Age: Historical Background

Baroque Music in Dresden

Baroque Music

Humorous introduction: styles, dates, musicians.

Baroque Music UK

Directory resource for baroque music with a particular bias towards ...

The Porpora Project

An investigation into the life and music of Baroque composer ...

Traverso - Historical Flute Newsletter

Newsletter with information about the Baroque, Renaissance, and classical flute ...

Baroque Flute Teachers International Yellow Pages

A self-maintaining, worldwide database of baroque flute teachers.

Vibrato in Baroque Vocal Music

Article discussing approaches to "historical" performance practice.

Baroque InfoCentral

Information about obscure 17th-century composers.

Society for Seventeenth Century Music (RISM)

Links to Journal and Society, and access to the RISM ...