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Ranks the most frequently used Words in any given body ...
Score: 11.45 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Word Spy

Collection of recently coined Words, existing Words that have enjoyed ...
Score: 10.43 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Tribe: Underground Words

Zines, journals, books, magazines, spoken word- Words are magic. Discussions ...
Score: 10.43 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Tribe: Words of Power

For people who love Words, use them, feel them in ...
Score: 9.90 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

World Wide Words

Michael Quinion writes about International English from a British viewpoint. ...
Score: 9.76 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

The New Writer Magazine Annual Prose and Poetry Prizes

Offers prize money totalling 2,500 pounds for essays (maximum 2,000 ...
Score: 8.61 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Words Magazine

Seeks original short stories for various themed contests throughout the ...
Score: 8.52 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Beyond Words Calligraphy

Beyond Words calligraphy showcases the work of master penman John ...
Score: 7.96 Category: Visual Arts\Calligraphy

Stevie Nicks In Her Own Words

Interprets the magic of Stevie's songs and life in her ...
Score: 7.83 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Word Files of Confusing English Words

A presentation of English Words that are often confusing with ...
Score: 7.69 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

WHC ... World Kigo Database

This weblog represents an attempt to build a comprehensive database ...
Score: 7.53 Category: Literature\Poetry

The Word Detective

Words and language in a humorous vein. The online version ...
Score: 7.52 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources


Wikipedia is a multilingual encyclopedia project. The name Wikipedia is ...
Score: 7.50 Category: Genres\Short Stories


Wikipedia is a multilingual, Web-based, free content encyclopedia project. The ...
Score: 7.43 Category: Genres\Children's

Seven Words That Can Change the World

Joe Simonetta is the author of Seven Words That Can ...
Score: 7.31 Category: Genres\Environment and Nature

Win a House!

This is a skill contest, whereby individuals choosing to participate ...
Score: 6.78 Category: Entertainment\Contests

Verses For Cards

Poems, Quotes, Sayings for All Occasions which brings you Free ...
Score: 6.35 Category: Literature\Poetry


Her life in Words.
Score: 5.96 Category: Online Writing\Journals

Living In Sin

Her life in Words.
Score: 5.90 Category: Online Writing\Journals

Triangle Woman

Personal Words of wisdom.
Score: 5.84 Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels


Search for songs by entering a few Words of the ...
Score: 5.77 Category: Music\Lyrics

Tribe: Linguistics

Group for discussions of Words and language.
Score: 5.77 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Bloody Hell

Brief reminiscences and reflections on the meanings of various Words.
Score: 5.77 Category: Online Writing\Journals

The Pink Coyote

Words and pictures by Pixie Campbell.
Score: 5.77 Category: Online Writing\Journals


A website, containing Words; collaborative design and writing.
Score: 5.77 Category: Online Writing\E-zines

Enchanted Words

For the readers of poetry and short stories.
Score: 5.77 Category: Online Writing\Poetry


Mouse over the letters and Words to hear them out ...
Score: 5.77 Category: Education\Language Arts

The Word Nerds

A weekly podcast about Words, language, and why we say ...
Score: 5.71 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Words 2 Remember

Includes novels, hosted stories, links.
Score: 5.71 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Words and Meaning

Samples of the author's poetry and short stories.
Score: 5.71 Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Left for Dead

Small collection of Words by a few poets, and some ...
Score: 5.71 Category: Online Writing\Poetry


A quarterly on-line journal of contemporary poetry.
Score: 5.71 Category: Literature\Poetry

The Virtual Streetband

Words from W.H. Auden put to music with animations.
Score: 5.71 Category: Literature\Authors

Poems that go

A website devoted to unite Words, design, music and motion.
Score: 5.65 Category: Literature\Poetry

Goralnick, Jared - Dancing With Words

A perspective of the world through the looking glass of ...
Score: 5.65 Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Words of a Feather

Calligraphy gallery and examples of work by Melissa Titone.
Score: 5.65 Category: Visual Arts\Calligraphy

Mills, Brian

Online manifestation of his painting, Words, art, and ideas.
Score: 5.65 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Bloody Words

Canada’s annual gathering of mystery readers and authors.
Score: 5.65 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Complete Works

To read or download; a glossary of obscure Words and ...
Score: 5.65 Category: Literature\World Literature

Dark Poetry-Darkheart

These Words are my journey through depression, anger, and love...
Score: 5.65 Category: Literature\Poetry

The Words to thousands of songs. Lyrics are sorted by ...
Score: 5.65 Category: Music\Lyrics

Words Without Borders

Working to promote international communication through translation of the world's ...
Score: 5.59 Category: Literature\World Literature

The Fastlane: Don Henley

Includes links, mailing lists, Words, and music.
Score: 5.59 Category: Music\Bands and Artists


Experimental journals that push the envelope by using Words, photos, ...
Score: 5.59 Category: Online Writing\Journals

Brief Words

Five cinquains and five doublets (couplets with a title) by ...
Score: 5.59 Category: Literature\Poetry

Cordy Chase

Image galleries, Keepers and Guardians, Words of wisdom and original ...
Score: 5.53 Category: Television\Programs

Crumpled Papers

Tips on writing articles, fun stuff for writers, and Words ...
Score: 5.53 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Utopia Parkway

Discussing movies, music, art, Words, dogs and other important stuff.
Score: 5.53 Category: Online Writing\Journals

Tribe: Word Freaks

Group for people who love discussing Words and writing style.
Score: 5.53 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources


A compilation of textile-related Words, phrases and links to other ...
Score: 5.53 Category: Crafts\Textiles

Steven C. Scheer's Web of Words

Essays on literature, critical theory, writing, and movies.
Score: 5.53 Category: Literature\Reviews and Criticism

Online Etymology Dictionary

History and evolution of more than 30,000 Words, including slang ...
Score: 5.48 Category: Literature\World Literature

macCormac, Sylvi

Picture, reviews/comments, music/Words/film, events, theatre, and awards.
Score: 5.48 Category: Music\Composition

Words to Write By

Famous quotes, short essays and personal exercises to help aspiring ...
Score: 5.48 Category: Music\Songwriting


Frank Rothkamm's theory and praxis of supermodernism. In other Words ...
Score: 5.48 Category: Digital\Net Art

BeyondImages: Australia's Territory in Words & Images

Photography by John Kirk, poetry by Mark O'Conner.
Score: 5.48 Category: Literature\Authors

Word Info

An English vocabulary dictionary with free searches of Words from ...
Score: 5.48 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources


A nuclear physics degree, seven bottles of tequila, and ten ...
Score: 5.42 Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels

Words and Pictures

Literary magazine featuring fiction, poetry, commentary, and art. Submission and ...
Score: 5.42 Category: Literature\Magazines and E-zines

Jeanne Cordelier

Biography and bibliography of the French writer; new book on ...
Score: 5.42 Category: Literature\Authors


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