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Chang, Tara Larsen

Portfolio site featuring children's, black-and-White, decorative, and fantasy illustration.
Score: 11.88 Category: Illustration\Children's

Quinton, Tara D. - Tara's Poem Place

Poems written by a teen in Oklahoma.
Score: 11.78 Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Tara Appreciation

Group to support keeping Tara on BtVS.
Score: 11.73 Category: Television\Programs

Tara's Sheela-na-gig Website

Descriptions and images, possible interpretations, bibliography, and links, compiled by ...
Score: 11.68 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

The Official Tara Strong

Exclusive news and information, interviews, biography, filmography, photos, multimedia, and ...
Score: 11.55 Category: Animation\Voice Actors

Tara Charendoff Fan Club

Official message board and chat room, hosted by Tara's sister. ...
Score: 11.40 Category: Animation\Voice Actors

Willow and Tara: A Fanfiction Site

Features Willow and Tara fan fiction in Word format, forum, ...
Score: 10.99 Category: Television\Programs

To You [devoted to Willow + Tara]

Has wallpapers, screensavers, an episode guide, games, quizzes, icons, galleries, ...
Score: 10.81 Category: Television\Programs

Willow and Tara Episode Scripts

Has dialogue for every episode featuring Willow and Tara.
Score: 9.71 Category: Television\Programs

The White Ajah Headquarters

The home of the White Ajah, in affiliation with the ...
Score: 8.44 Category: Literature\Genres

Why bother with Patrick White?

Australian Broadcasting Corporation's web site that explores the fundamental question ...
Score: 8.05 Category: Literature\Authors

Jack Feeny reviews: The White Stripes

Reviews for "The White Stripes,""De Stijl,""White Blood Cells," and "Elephant."
Score: 7.84 Category: Music\Styles

Willow & Tara's Coven

Pictures of the couple.
Score: 7.81 Category: Television\Programs

Tara's Home

Yahoo club and photographs.
Score: 7.81 Category: Television\Programs

Tara Keepers

Items to "keep", banners and rules.
Score: 7.81 Category: Television\Programs

Tara: Hattie McDaniel

Biography with photographs.
Score: 7.81 Category: Entertainment\People

Domain of Willow and Tara

Includes galleries and biographies.
Score: 7.73 Category: Television\Programs

Scarlett's Tara

Includes photos, biographies and description.
Score: 7.73 Category: Movies\Titles Tara Reid

Provides filmography, biography, and pictures.
Score: 7.73 Category: Entertainment\People Tara Reid

Pictures, biography, commentary and links.
Score: 7.64 Category: Entertainment\People

Never The Twain?

Collection of alternate universe stories in which Willow, Tara, or ...
Score: 7.56 Category: Television\Programs

Quinn, Tara Taylor

The best-selling romance author of Sheltered In His Arms.
Score: 7.56 Category: Literature\Genres

Tara Bryan, artist

Artists' books and paintings, as well as CV and contact ...
Score: 7.56 Category: Crafts\Book Arts

Slayers Blood

Fan fiction, pictures and a tribute to Tara and Giles.
Score: 7.56 Category: Television\Programs

IMDb: Tara Fitzgerald

Includes biographical information, a filmography, and links.
Score: 7.56 Category: Performing Arts\Acting

PopMatters: The White Stripes - White Blood Cells

Review by Paul Bruno.
Score: 7.51 Category: Music\Styles

White, Jeff

Landscape images of the Southwest and still life work. Black ...
Score: 7.50 Category: Photography\Photographers

Tara Music: Christy Moore

Includes a biography and photographs, with related links.
Score: 7.48 Category: Music\Styles

Sharpe, Tara

Virtual gallery, presenting paintings, collages, drawings, and other works.
Score: 7.48 Category: Visual Arts\Painting Tara Reid

Includes vital statistics and a collection of 40+ thumbnailed images.
Score: 7.48 Category: Entertainment\People

Tara's Moonlighting Page

Information on the 80's TV show with pictures, links, news, ...
Score: 7.48 Category: Television\Programs

An Interview With Tara Charendoff

Archived article which originally appeared in Nickelodeon Magazine.
Score: 7.48 Category: Animation\Voice Actors

Quinn, Tara Taylor

Best selling author of Yesterday's Secrets. Contests and biographies.
Score: 7.48 Category: Literature\Genres

White Paper Source

User based forum dedicated to writing and marketing White papers.
Score: 7.47 Category: Online Writing\Chats and Forums

Pitchfork: The White Stripes - White Blood Cells

Review by Dan Kilian and Ryan Schreiber.
Score: 7.47 Category: Music\Styles

Love and Light

News, lyrics, and photographs of Canadian singer/songwriter Tara MacLean.
Score: 7.41 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Tara's Melanie Rawn Page

Information on the books, pictures of the cover art, and ...
Score: 7.41 Category: Literature\Genres

Katy's Tara Reid Site

Offers a filmography, biography, image gallery, and links.
Score: 7.41 Category: Entertainment\People

Glorious Noise: White Stripes

A copy of Jack and Meg White's 1996 marriage license ...
Score: 7.36 Category: Music\Styles

Tara's Taxi Page

A site dedicated to the comedy show, with pictures, episode ...
Score: 7.33 Category: Television\Programs

Yahoo! Groups: Tara Fitzgerald

Fans trade photographs and news [Free registration requested].
Score: 7.33 Category: Performing Arts\Acting

The Miss Kitty Fantastico Appreciation Society

About Tara and Willow's cat. Includes fan fiction.
Score: 7.33 Category: Television\Programs

Willow and

A clearinghouse for information about fanlistings, mailing lists, bulletin boards, ...
Score: 7.33 Category: Television\Programs Tara MacLean

Includes a biography, discography, photos, videos, links and message board.
Score: 7.33 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Stef and Tara's Dungeon

Anti-'N Sync site with reviews, parodies, top tens and pictures.
Score: 7.33 Category: Music\Anti-Music

The Unofficial Tara MacLean Website

Includes news, biography, discography, FAQ, lyrics and multimedia.
Score: 7.33 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Tara Tuma

Dance band based in Canada. Site contains biography, discography, show ...
Score: 7.33 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Chinese Legend of White Snake

Chinese love story of man and White snake for Chinese ...
Score: 7.32 Category: Literature\World Literature

Willow/Tara Love

Contains pictures, interviews with the actresses, a forum, and a ...
Score: 7.26 Category: Television\Programs

Soft of Eye and Light of Touch: Totally Tara

Includes a small gallery, fanfiction, adoptions and information on Wicca.
Score: 7.18 Category: Television\Programs

Tara Music: Planxty

An appreciation of the band that tracks the line-up changes ...
Score: 7.18 Category: Music\Styles

Tara Fitzgerald at JSR Pages

Includes original montage images, audio and video clips, and personal ...
Score: 7.18 Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Willow and Tara's Room

Contains slideshows, a "claim your favorite moment" page, songs with ...
Score: 7.18 Category: Television\Programs

Celeb Shots

A fan presents photographs of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Milla ...
Score: 7.18 Category: Entertainment\People

iPhoto Canvas: Photography and Fine Art Canvas

The canvas is the foundation of the print and the ...
Score: 7.13 Category: Visual Arts

Auburn's Willow & Tara site

Fansite with fan fiction, calendars, desktop wallpapers, quizzes, episode images ...
Score: 7.11 Category: Television\Programs

Allyson's Buffy Vault

Contains episode guides, subtext, Willow and Tara, music videos, fan ...
Score: 7.11 Category: Television\Programs

Archival Custom Printing

Archival Custom Printing by Eric Nelson. Black & White Photo ...
Score: 7.11 Category: Photography

Playbill News: White Fades to Black

Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical The Woman in White, plays its ...
Score: 7.11 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Through the Looking-glass

Large archive of Willow/Tara fanfics of multiple genres and settings. ...
Score: 7.04 Category: Television\Programs


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