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Mr. Twisty

Instructions to make balloon animals, magic tricks, jokes and juggling. ...
Score: 22.11 Category: Crafts\Balloon Sculpting

CD-R B&P Instructions

Beginners guide has detailed Instructions, with photos, on how to ...
Score: 8.48 Category: Music\Trading


Learn to make handcrafted jewelry with simple, illustrated Instructions. Free ...
Score: 8.44 Category: Crafts\Jewelry

Homemade Candle Instructions

Instructions for making gel, parifin, natural, painted, and creative wire ...
Score: 8.34 Category: Crafts\Candles

English Country Dance Instructions

Instructions for individual dances (with difficulty rating, and source), with ...
Score: 8.28 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Balloon Art

Provides animated Instructions on the five basic twists, Instructions on ...
Score: 8.00 Category: Crafts\Balloon Sculpting

Papier Mache Instructions and Recipes

Instructions, recipes, projects, questions answered online, and manual available for ...
Score: 8.00 Category: Crafts\Papermaking

Free Beauty Photography Instructions and Tips

How to shoot amazing glamour photos with very simple gear? ...
Score: 7.59 Category: Photography\Resources

Cranberry Lane Soap Instructions

Step by step soap and soapmaking Instructions. Cold process method ...
Score: 7.54 Category: Crafts\Soaps

FORKNI-L Discussion List

The largest and most active discussion list for the television ...
Score: 7.31 Category: Television\Programs

Making Scottish Small Pipes

Instructions for making Scottish small pipes from CPVC and brass ...
Score: 6.98 Category: Music\Instruments

Candle Making Instructions

Candle making basics and project Instructions.
Score: 6.78 Category: Crafts\Candles

Secret Paper Aeroplanes

Paper aeroplanes, are great fun to make. This site provides ...
Score: 6.53 Category: Crafts\Origami

Crochet Memories

Our patterns come in an easy to read format with ...
Score: 6.48 Category: Crafts\Crochet


This site is specifically designed to give you Instructions and ...
Score: 6.44 Category: Crafts\Soaps

Armenian Embroidery

Instructions and pictures of Armenian embroidery. Specifically Marash embroidery. Step ...
Score: 6.05 Category: Crafts\Needlework

How to Devil Stick

Instructions on how to devilstick.
Score: 5.74 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Instructions for the_matrix

An interactive matrix builder.
Score: 5.67 Category: Music\Composition

The Meditation Chamber

Costuming information and Instructions.
Score: 5.67 Category: Movies\Titles


One hand shuffle Instructions with photographs.
Score: 5.67 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

How to Juggle 3 Balls

Instructions on the 3 ball cascade.
Score: 5.67 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Tiger Mountain

Fanworks and submission Instructions.
Score: 5.67 Category: Animation\Cartoons


Instructions for folding letters from printable templates.
Score: 5.61 Category: Crafts\Origami

Inkle Weaving

Instructions, pictures, patterns, and resources.
Score: 5.61 Category: Crafts\Textiles


Instructions and guidelines for the e-mail discussion list.
Score: 5.61 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Babylon 5 Webring

List of sites and Instructions for joining.
Score: 5.61 Category: Television\Programs

Sanrio World

Member list and joining Instructions.
Score: 5.61 Category: Animation\Cartoons

George Troy Graphics

Techniques, drawings, Instructions and a gallery.
Score: 5.55 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft


Subscription Instructions, and archive, for the moderated mailing list.
Score: 5.55 Category: Literature\Authors


Videos and complex contact juggling trick Instructions
Score: 5.55 Category: Performing Arts\Circus


Database of Scottish country dance Instructions, available for download.
Score: 5.55 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

The Quilter's Webring

All-quilting sites. Patterns, Instructions and photos.
Score: 5.55 Category: Crafts\Quilting

Clay's Sound Emporium

Instructions to make wav files.
Score: 5.55 Category: Animation\Voice Actors


Instructions on how to make handcrafted clothes, jewelry, and decor.
Score: 5.55 Category: Crafts\Classes and Projects

Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow

Instructions on how to shave your head and maintain the ...
Score: 5.55 Category: Design\Fashion

Oz Web Ring

Directory of member sites and Instructions for joining.
Score: 5.55 Category: Literature\Children's

Vintage Crocheting

Offers a small selection of designs and Instructions.
Score: 5.55 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Crusade Webring

Instructions for joining the ring and list of sites.
Score: 5.55 Category: Television\Programs

Tattoos By Lisa Tattoo School

Instructions offered in the art of tattooing.
Score: 5.49 Category: Bodyart\Schools and Instruction

Placebo Single and Bootlegs MP3

Instructions and list of songs for exchange.
Score: 5.49 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Soap Center

Soapmaking recipes, Instructions, tips, and supplier links.
Score: 5.49 Category: Crafts\Soaps

Kristinas Krochet

Offers Instructions for halter top, bikini and scarves.
Score: 5.49 Category: Crafts\Crochet

5 Great Wedding Hairdo's

Brief Instructions with photographs of five formal hair styles.
Score: 5.49 Category: Design\Fashion

John Kovac

Personal information, recordings, videos, and ordering Instructions.
Score: 5.49 Category: Music\Instruments

Twirling the Nights Away!

Page with links, camp information, Instructions, tricks, etc
Score: 5.49 Category: Music\Marching


Instructions, HTML fragment, rules and member list.
Score: 5.49 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Ray Country

Includes line dancing Instructions and pictures of several musicians.
Score: 5.49 Category: Music\Styles

Tabs Galore

Tablature for trumpet and Instructions for ska and punk songs.
Score: 5.49 Category: Music\Styles

Aboriginal Australian musical instrument. History and playing Instructions.
Score: 5.49 Category: Music\Instruments

Randy Vasquez SiteRing

Webring for sites about the actor, with Instructions on becoming ...
Score: 5.49 Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Tattoo and Piercing Fans

For those interested in tattoos and piercings. Instructions on joining.
Score: 5.49 Category: Bodyart\Chats and Forums

Pioneer Thinking: The Art of Candle Making

Features Instructions for several projects.
Score: 5.49 Category: Crafts\Candles

Offers video Instructions on hardware and artistic aspects of tattooing.
Score: 5.49 Category: Bodyart\Schools and Instruction

Friends of Pooh

HTML Instructions, site list, and membership information.
Score: 5.49 Category: Animation\Cartoons

How Do I Do This

Instructions on drawing male and female figures. Also gives Paint ...
Score: 5.49 Category: Animation\Anime

Millennium Screen Saver for Windows

Available for download. Includes installation Instructions.
Score: 5.49 Category: Television\Programs

Shirley's Rugmaking

Hooked and prodded rugs. Free Instructions and photographs.
Score: 5.49 Category: Crafts\Needlework

Folding Instructions in German but has clear diagrams. Many planes.
Score: 5.49 Category: Crafts\Origami

Ghostbusters Web Ring

Site list, FAQ, and joining Instructions.
Score: 5.49 Category: Animation\Cartoons

Ghostbusters Ring

Site links, membership details, and joining Instructions.
Score: 5.49 Category: Animation\Cartoons


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